Over the hills and far away

Been sat here trying to knock up a Vid for this Stolen Valour thing.

Got totally pissed off looking at Mongs like Mike Golden and Bob Spour so made this


Bollox to the throbbers like Jim Shorrt...
Lovely tribute.

Must of been a fair bit of work but the people portrayed deserve having people putting effort in honouring them
Is that John Tam saw hime at a folk festival some years ago. brilliant
I am much taken with this particular video mate.
Thank you!
But, more so, a thousand times over, THANK YOU to the Toms shown in this video!
Very good indeed.
blackrat_scaleyback said:
I like this one Track. Only because i'm in it! (46 secs in) It is a good 'un though mate.
I spared your blushes and the viewers eyes by picking one of you behind an SLR mate!

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