Over the Hill before you can blink...

More sh*t science just to make me feel ancient and decrepit..take heed all of you.. we've been relegated to the dustbin before we got out of short pants.

Dr. Robert N. Butler, professor of Geriatrics and CEO of the International Longevity Centre says:
" Most aging specialists would agree that the peak age for both genders is 11 "
" we reach our maximum survival potential at that age. "

Butler argues that people peak at 11 because of something called the Gompertz Curve.. The curce calculates ' survivorship ', a logarithmic computation that estimates the likelihood of staying alive. for both genders, the arc of this curve tends to be highest around 11, near the beginning of sexual maturity [ puberty ]..

after that its downhill all the way...more crap science to depress anyone over 15 or more proof that life as b*tch and we're on the receiving end?
So at the age of 11 you have peaked and the fact that you survive to, say, 80 (rough average) is all the down turn of the curve?? Fecking skewed curve if you ask me :?

Sounds like total b@llocks again by some di'ckhead wanting to make his name :roll:
Lies, Damn Lies and fcuking statistics.

At 11 I was 4 foot nothing and the bigger boys used to give me sh1t until the teachers interupted their fun.

As someones strap-line on ARRSE says : If you torture date sufficiently enough it will admit to anything (or words t that effect)


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