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Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by iwantworkincp, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. Hi users, Im looking to get into the over seas security just wondering which is the best way to go about it all info will gladly help. if you could all get back to me asap this will be great thank you all
  2. Start with UK work. Get yourself on some sia approved courses (CP, door supervision etc). Get some experience and wait for the contacts. There is a company called Black and White that are currently recruiting in London.
  3. ive had my sia for well since i was 18 had it for 3 weeks then was head doorman since i lost my badge (last month) ive done all types of security in the uk and now im trying to brake into over seas im not sure if i will need a valid uk sia badge ?
  4. If only this was in the NAAFI
  5. Absolutely.

  6. Are you ex services or a civvy?
  7. im a civvy im just after information on what i should do, i know go in the army but i cant join the uk army as they wont accept me due to criminal record :|
  8. Why did you loose your badge?
    There is no call for UK doormen overseas.
    Do a CP course. (but to get work that requires an sia badge)
    What experience do you have other than Doorman?

    Just get a flight to Damascus and knock on a few doors the reception would be great.
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  9. You have no chance mate, the sector is full of ex soldiers(some on this site) with plenty more looking to get into it.

    Start looking for a new career
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  10. To the hole maybe mods

  11. Have you tried to join ? Who said you wont get accepted ?
  12. Tesco let you go?
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  13. Fixed that for you mate
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  14. No trolley mongs at Lidl's, You have to take your own trolley back ;P
  15. Ignore all these piss-taking idiots, you need to get some proper training with an organisation with a reputation. The International Bodyguard Association are one such company, and you can get straight onto one of their internationally recognised cp courses with your background.

    Welcome to the International Bodyguard Association
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