Over Protective in Training

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sack_them_all, Jan 26, 2004.

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  1. Had an argument at the weekend over what recruits should be allowed to carry whilst still recruits. Should they be told to get a personal first aid kit as they may need to use plasters (my view). They must not be allowed to carry anything not issued to them (a n others view) as.... if for example you do not know they have cut their finger it could go septic and they could sue you for not taking action or do not know they have blisters or how they should be dealt with or even take a paracetemol and then overdose! 8O

    Perhaps this umbrella mentality is getting out of hand?! Bearing in mind we are training them to be soldiers not recruits and will potentially expect them to think for themselves possibly without even a JNCO close by.

    The other issue is should we be worried about recruits from (fomer colonies in the commonwealth) countries with a local problem coming to us and being trained by us, just in case they go back to their country and use the skills that we have taught them? Too much second guessing motives?
  2. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    I think the recruits should be issued with a tube of savlon and use their own initiative - if plasters are lacking the cover the small cut with savlon, put a folded kleenex over it and hold it all together with black electrical tape. It's not a pretty solution but it does work with regular changing of the kleenex. Anything bigger and heatha and safety would insist that the recruit is treated a la RAF advert :roll:
  3. the same mentality has been applied time and time again in training to encourage uniformity. But has also been brough in in Northern Ireland at times because of liability if troops self bought kit burns.
    A basic first aid kit is essential in military training especiall as RMA/CMT except they are in a medical unit have great difficulty in getting replen of medical kit. The question to ask your self is if i was going to to a civvy equivilent activity like hiking/climbing etc what would I take. Who is deceiding what they carry anyway? Strictly speaking their webbing and kit should reflect unit SOP's. And if SOP's hasn't got that sort of stuff on it then people need to be speaking to OC's etc to get them changed.
  4. couple of issues with this 'Idea'

    Have seen electrical tape and Black and Nasty sed to hold dressings on to feet of soldiers(regular)

    1. Plasters are designed to go onto human skin therefore in most cases will not cause allergic reactions. Adhesive on other tapes is stronger and therefore will more probably cause reactions.
    2. When removing plasters the adhesive is designed to come of. I have seen electrical take and Black and Nasty remove large areas of healthy skin.

    ok so now the Important bit any additional damage is covered nder the army act as 'self inflicted injury' and is therefore a chargeable offence.
  5. Sack Them All

    Treat them like adults, they act like adults. tell them that they cannot brimg plasters and they will take the appropriate view.

    You could also ask A N Other to obtain Issue plasters. You can then ask about provision of Issue Sanitary items for female recruits. But that would be different, of course....

    And they wonder why BORG retention and morale is better :roll:
  6. well unless 100 or so former ex empire residents turn up for training with identical pt hardly something to worry about.
    Make them all carry a personal first aid kit Get a medic to draw up a list of stuff to carry (give them something to do and keep them away from the biscuits for at least 5 minutes)
    asking the medics for a plaster is usually a waste of time anyway.
    if there intent on self harm they will get there hands on an SA80 at some point or rifle 5.56 as it was called for a while MODs first attempt at covering it up. Its usally good for at least one shot.
  7. BB guess you have not seen the proposed manning plot as I think this may become a familiar subject to you since you and I and recruits are going to be the only ones left when the latest gang go play in the sandpit!

    NFI - Not happy.
  8. We will also have our residential Big Figure to play with...not the sharpest pencil in the box but nobody is daft enough to tell him

    I will email you on this.

  9. Since medics normaly asleep in cp tent or elsewhere .and normally not intrested in anything less than crippling injury .A first aid kit is essential
    even if only paracetmol and blister kit .at least they will be able to fix minor problems . ask the pillok who said no to carrying first aid kit who
    is going to sort them out when they get minor injurys?
    and i,m fed up of using my own kit on jack blokes who dont bring any
    of there own kit
  10. Answer = simple
    In a professional organization a Risk Assessment will have been carried out.
    From that Risk Assessment you will find All the answers you require to your ?

  11. Every soldier should have a personal first aid kit - were trying to train soldiers to use their common sense - the system doesnt give you a paracetamol for when you have a headache or a plaster if you cut your finger!!

    Wouldnt it be irresponsible to prevent a recruit carrying a first aid kit? In training, it would probably be wise to vet what the guys are carrying - but are we in the business of teaching the potential soldier that we take someone out of the orbat because they have cut their finger on a thorn?

    I doubt it so common sense must prevail - look at what the guys are carrying and pass on some knowledge - it can only be a good thing.
  12. You are all echoing my opinion so I feel (slightly) vindicated.

    Anyone have a view on the Sierra Leonian who MIGHT go back to play for the opposition? Given we had BMATT's for years I think it is a bit rich to not train somone in case one day they may just use what we have taught against their fellow countrymen.
  13. good point sack them all.
  14. Sack_em - I have seen a few different answers on this thread in reference to your question. As a former CMT who has moved on to a different cap badge, why not give them a 5 minute chat about the kit YOU carry??? They might only be recruits but they are still adults. Let them use coomon sense and don't listen to the bangers who can talk a good fight!

    Just a thought mate :D
  15. found the answer to people asking for plasters when they havent got their own first aid kit those colurful kids ones from boots hee hee hee