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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by patch27, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. can anyone tell me where i stand if i've been overpaid a large amount and spent it all?
  2. B_AND_T

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    Your fucked!
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  3. The brass line at the Guardroom?
  4. It depends. If you have been paid and you've realised its an error and then just spent it anyway you will have to pay it back and pdq too.

    However, I was one of the largeish amount of blokes in the mid 00s that was overpaid due to a mix up with trade quals and promotion seniority. I declared it straight away .
    I didnt have to pay any of it back in the end because the MoD made such a cock up of the handling of it but there is something called "paid in good faith" which can see you keep the money if you have declared it and are told that it is rightfully yours even if you think that it isnt. Im not 100% sure of the legality of it but was told all of this by my RAOWO
  5. If you havent spent it, give it to me and your conscience will be clear.
  6. thanks mate,i think my best option is to "fess up" then?
  7. i spent and rapidly as i thought it was a mistake at the bank
  8. I believe this is absolutely right and it applies to banks as well. I received a considerable payment into my bank account unexpectedly. I called the bank and after a very nervous hour or so they called back to tell me it was a mistake. The guy did explain that if they had told me everything was fine, then I would have been allowed to spend it. It was about 13,000 quid and this was in 1976!

    If you do have to pay back the full amount and it creates hardship you might be able to arrange an installments plan.
  9. The MoD will take it out of your next pay packet.
  10. it will take quite a few pay packets to pay this little gem back
  11. Well, you won't be standing in the breakfast queue.
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  12. Stand by for short pay until the amount is repaid. If it's that large an amount, it is unlikely to be taken in a oner as that would take you below the minimum you should receive. Off to the RAO PDQ and get an agreed repayment amount.
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  13. thanks chaps,i'm off to own up
  14. Sometimes if MoD notice quickly that someone has been given too much one month, then they can ask your bank to return the payment.

    This happened to me once. One minute the money was in my bank account, an hour or two later it had disappeared. MoD had asked the bank to return the money. It was very awkward at the time.