Over paid when been on tour, well just have a look at this

Never mind getting overpaid, they get paid a right whack anyway. Can't remember how much an Aussie lad with us said he was getting, but it knocked us into a cocked hat.
I got overpaid, the Treasury wrote it off.

Got a letter and everything to prove it, so it does happen.


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chocolate_frog said:
I got overpaid, the Treasury wrote it off.

Got a letter and everything to prove it, so it does happen.

Me too, it would have cost me a couple of grand to pay back as well !
I've known a few people who have been overpaid and the amount has been written off (it's never been me though) :cry: .

Normally its when the person has reported being overpaid for some time and the army hasn't fixed the problem until several months later.


I got overpaid once, i was called into the RAOs office the next day, made to write a cheque for the amount, and JPA still took it out of my pay the next month.

Would have been nice to have a write off. Shame a friend of mine in the civil service got £3k written off before christmas in overpayments, i think i'll just have to nick his car.


Turk said:
a friend of mine in the civil service

You don't have "friends" in the Snivel Service - only "colleagues"


I was over paid by £1,200 this month, reported it and I am still waiting to find out why, and if I can keep it, really tempted to spend it.


I have also been over paid. It has taken me over seven months of reporting to the pay clark to get them to stop. The cash is in the bank, just waiting to see who wants it back.
I got overpaid £5-ish a day for two years. When the Army worked it out two years after being notified by myself and an HR admin bod, I had to pay it back over 3 months.

Caution minted one, the MoD giveth and the MoD can taketh away!
I heard the Aussies get $200 Australian whilst on tour. The have to volunteer for ops and that is the incentive. I also heard that becuase of this a lot of the forces personnel own a fair few properties for when they get out/retire.


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Footballers are overpaid. Bankers are overpaid.Politicians are overpaid.PCSO's are overpaid.Service personnel have always been underpaid. :p


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I was overpaid an allowance for an entire 2 years of a posting. I questionned the payment twice when I first arrived and was told once it was correct and the second time no action was taken.

When the error came to light and I owed a house full of money (that I did genuinely believe I was entitled to I hasten to add) the system started the reclaim process.

I appealed and won on very specific grounds. There is a legal system to this and the MOD has a branch that deals with appeals involving full legal analysis (bot just some bloke saying no in a dark office).

In short, it can be done but you need a watertight legal case and good faith does not consitute that. If anyone wants any info on how to appeal then PM me. A bit of effort saved me thousands.
nik_kershaw said:
While floating about on the internet I found this about the Australian SAS don't have to pay back any money that they were over paid as it could put their soldiers into debt, maybe the MOD needs too look at this as well.

Link below

I dont think this article was quite true, here in sunny aus the story we hear is quite different, every penny overpaid to anyone by the govt here is ruthlessly taken back and in some cases they dont even ask, Centrelink have the right to go into any personal bank account and remove funds deemed to be owing to them, do you think that the public here would allow pensioners bank accounts to be stripped and the SAS to get away with overpayment scotfree!! Especially because of the adverse publicity they recieved when they demanded and GOT 200$aday dangerous duty allowance before going onto active service in Afghanistan!! Can just imagine the reply we would have got to the question in the 60,s Excuse me Sgtmajor Sir do we get Danger money for this???? :p


One afternoon in Feb 2006, Sqn Clerk asked if I was expecting a 'decent' payment into my account, I said 'yeh' (had an mma claim of about £120 going through), he then said 'What about £6,662', I went all happy and replied 'Er no', long story short - As I was told later, loads of similarly served blokes were given a bit of recompense regarding PayCut 2000. After spending it on Whiskey and Beer I heard a bit of a rumour that it was to be taken back but hey ho, it never has :D There's about 300 of us who got it, one of my mates got about £7,700 but he had his 'little' crown a bit longer than I. More to the point, I got offered 2yrs VEng today. LMFAO Whatever...................


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What do you lads and ladies get paid now per month? Basic private/ Lcpl/cpl
My daughter was paid her op allowance twice after Telic 9, despite flagging it up repeatedly, nothing was done.

Two years down the line they have suddenly decided they want it back! 17 months at MDR.

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