over paid £10,000 over three years!! help needed

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by tiptop, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. hi was hopping someone might be able to help as we are going mad at the moment my hubby transfered cap badge and he had to go from copral down to lance but was on mark time for two years he picked up again atthe end off the two years but we have found out since moving to germany (which has been a nightmare in its self!) that he has been overpaid for the last three years now the army want it back! as this has happened in the past everytime hubby had extra money put in his wages he would ask his cheif clerk about it and was told its all fine dont worry! but now you can imagine we are worried with three kids and that much owing what can we do can we contest it ? how would we do that? also when my hubby picked up again there was a year long wait before he was posted so could this help the course?
    many thanks for any help
  2. They can't take it all in a oner anyway. But you will have to pay back the money. The RAO should be able to set up a system where you can pay back a set amount per month... say £100 a month.

    Tell your hubby to get all you pay statements together, and then go through them with the clerks.

    How are they figuring he has been overpaid?

    If he picked up again at the end of the two years marking time, then he should have just moved up an increment and carried on.
  3. Unless the system has changed since I left the AGC (was a Div2 pay), a married/single man is entitled to receive a certain %'age of his pay if he has been overpaid and is required to pay it back. RAO will certainly be able to consult the reg's for this........good luck!
  4. In the words of the great Michael Winner "Calm Down Dear".

    There are systems in place that are designed to help you pay back the money that your other half has been overpaid. I was in a similar situation a couple of months ago, although the amount that I had been overpaid was only a tenth of what the army is saying you have been overpaid. I want to see our admin staff and they were really helpful, we set an amount that I could afford to repay each month without leaving myself financially short.

    As has already been stated in previous posts, you need to get the army to justify how they have come to the figure of £10000 and to get back through all of the relevant pay slips in order to get the true figure that is in question. You could find that you are dealing with someone from Norfolk that did the calculations using their fingers and toes if you're lucky.

    The main thing is to not panic, you will not be left with no money and having to live on beans on toast for the next couple of years.
  5. max they can take is 3 days pay pcm, if your hubby knew he was being overpaid, why not bank the money?

    you can contest it through jpacc there is a BPG concerning the waivering of the recovery pending investigation.

    Was it purely due to him rebadging or is it CEA or something else
  6. You can also request that you RAO Dept staff up a case report for you that goes via their Bde SPS Branch. Stated that he had previously pointed this out to hi Ch Clk and was told that it was correct. It may mean that the debt gets written off. Even if the RAO Dept don't feel that you have a case it is still your right to have the case work sent off and a reply. As with the other posts without knowing the full details and having sight of the paystatements I can't offer anyother advise.

    Good luck and let us all know how you get on.
  7. hi we have had a pay statemant and a breakdown off the over payment its seem when he transfrered his wages werent frozeen as they should have been! after he did his training he was doing the job of a cpl and was awarded pay of higher rank (he questioned this as he was on higher pay anyway but was told by his clerk it was fine just sign for it!) we have now been told the pay he was getting nobody in the army is paid that amount(i know my hubby is a special man but come on it dosent warrrent a pay band of his own lol) im just shocked it took three years to find this out and it took my hubby to point out the something that was wrong on his pay.how long would it have gone undiscovered if he had nt questioned it with somebody who knew there job! can the fact my hubby was waiting for a posting(one yearafter he picked up) help reduce some off it as there was opernings in the uk for cpl but we get sent to a new unit in germany which hasnt helped as they are a bunch of fuckwits (sorry rant over) many thanks for all the help so far i think hubby is going to see army legal today so will keep you posted!
    thanks guys you are stars.
  8. I think its 4 days basic pay.
  9. tiptop,

    is this right.

    Your hubby, took a voluntary drop in rank to be retraded/rebadged to a different CEQ.

    But when he was retraded he was, at some time given a Local/Acting Cpl with pay of higher rank.

    Two years AFTER his retrade he was promoted back to fullscrew anyway.

    What should have happened then is this (I am sure a Pay guru can correct if I am wrong).

    1. The day that your hubby was retraded and changed CEQ (ie the last day of his course) he should have marked time on his Cpl Pay increment in the band he was previously in for two years.

    The only way this should have changed is if his NEW payscale caught up and overtook his old pay scale or at the end of this two year period he dropped to the relevant pay increment and scale (on the LCpl scales).

    If he was promoted before the end of this period, and the band is either the same or higher, he should (I think) simply continue on progressing along the increments, from where he was, or move up to the new scale and crack on as normal.

    2. This pay of higher rank, this is where I am unsure, as I have never seen it before. But, if the unit was giving him pay o f higher rank in order to get another Cpl then I can only guess as to what is supposed to happen in his pay.
  10. I'll leave the experts to help you out but.... make sure that they only recover the net amount from your fella's pay, it's their responsibility to recover the tax and NI from the bureaucrats. As this has occured over 3 financial years I wish them luck.
  11. Very difficult to give advice on something like this unless the full facts are known other that to confirm that the maximum that can be recovered is 4 days gross pay per month. This can be reduced dependant on circumstances. Best thing to do is get your other half to get himself an interview with the RAO. I would ensure that the he gets an exact breakdown of what he has been overpaid, if he was awarded substitution pay during the period he was overpaid he should ensure that has been taken into account - JPAC have been known to make mistakes!!

  12. Ex paybloke here (at a fairly senior level). Have been out for a few years but my advice would be to refuse point blank to repay anything. If, as you state, your husband queried his pay and was told it was correct then he should be in the clear.
    The authorities will not like it but some one will have to write that overpayment off as he received it in good faith and through no fault of his own. Do not be browbeaten over this and just stick to the simple truth.
  13. HInd sight is excellent but this is a lesson a lot of people learn the hard way.

    If your pay is in query, put it in writing, get the pay gimps to respond in writing that all is well and how they got to "all is well" File..........and stash the extra somewhere safe. Then when it comes round to bite you on the arrse you have some one to point the finger at and can battle the feckers

    If someone has to document something and sign it off they are much less likely to fob you off with a "Yeah you're ok"

    no help for your situation, but its a topic that comes up again and again

    May the force be with you
  14. Correct, I was overpaid for two years, told them many a time that I had been. Refused point blank to re pay, they tried all the strong arm tactics but don't have aleg to stand on. There were about 15 of us who all were overpaid none paid it back. Tell them to get stuffed. My lawyer said if it went to court they would have to pay me more as it would have hurt my feelings and given me stress!!! regards JJ
  15. Ahhhhhhhh 8O a potential MP 8) ,well done!. :lol: :wink: