Over half Iraqi interpreters rejected again!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. In full

  2. Bloody civil service mentality. 'No-one ever got into trouble for saying no.'

    Someone needs to take this process by the balls and that someone has to be the reponsible minister.
  3. The Government continues to stall, drag its feet and deny, meanwhile their moral obligations disappear via the business end of an AK-47.
  4. I can think of at least 600-odd places we could put them and it's not like the current incumbents are earning their keep.

    I would love to say this is unbelievable, but sadly it's quite the opposite. That's as ringing an indictment of this country as I can think of.
  5. But we'll let any old illegal in...Jesus wept.

    Mere proof (say, a declaration from the relevant unit CO) that they'd worked for us as interpreters should have been the end of the matter. Get them in, get them set up and allow them to make a new life for themselves.
  6. Makes me ashamed to be British
  7. Even if we lock them up in this country until we can go through their details, let's get them the fcuk out of Iraq.

    How do politicians sleep at night?
  8. Simplistic view I know but, anyway these people can get to the UK and then apply?

    There's a fcuking taliban twat now residing in Scotland that this govt wont kick out and these people are left to defend for themselves. :x
  9. I don't see what's so simplistic about it... Get them on a fcuking plane and get them here.
  10. It makes me sick,

    Politicians are too busy enjoying their own self importance, they have forgotten that they are in position to make this country better, but instead they make it worse. They allow lethargy to prosper, and languor to be a serious career choice for the fine labour voting community. But will not support people who willingly risk it all for a country they have never seen.

    Brown you are a disgusting populist cretin who happily paid homage to that fantasist John Smeaton but will not lift a finger to save the lives of humans who are loyal to your armed forces and citizens.

    The Next time your party wants a war how about you strip to the waist and take on the leader yourself.

  11. Well said , I could,nt have put it better myself.

  12. E-mailed my M.P to tell him that if we don't stand by the people who help us when we need them, Then we must expect to lose the support and respect of the iraqi population,
    Sends a great message to anyone tasked with assisting coalition forces,eh?
  13. Surely if said interpreters could name the unit/units they worked for. The Officer in charge of employing the interpreters could be called to vouch for them!!!

    Or is that too difficult?