Over 50`s , How Knackered Are You ?

I think knee and ankle issues, especially those of us that wore CBH are probably systemic through those of us that served early 80's to mid 90's. Speaking as a Sapper, I think my injuries are probably sports related as opposed to work related although did suffer a few injuries, especially fingers and toes.
Defo, Hearing is a problem for RAC types, along with ankles and knee (not just an infantry thing).
Also some RAC types have the odd digit missing here and there from various weapons incidents etc.
There is presently a 72 year old on the advrider forum who is taking his BMW R1200GS around Central America. Most other whinge in their mid 60's that the machine is too big, heavy, they need to sell it and give up biking. Not on your life.

You actually amaze me with the things you seem to have going on all the time.
Do you have a link to the Advrider forum please, or a user name?


I think I've been stuck behind you in a traffic queue and latterly, had no option to overtake your stumbling steps and girth in my local Aldi.
Kindly do the right thing and give your car keys to your kids and let them sell your Nissan Micra.

I do have some standards.... It's a Toyota Yaris
I thought you lot might get respiratory issue being buttoned up together. then there's the fumes from the guns. My days spent buttoned up in a 432 with Jack my Number 1 on the Milan, after he'd been out on the raz was enough to give me breathing issues. Love my Ales, but I'll never think kindy of Tartan Bitter .
In my experience cordite fumes were never really an issue as they were farted out .
After a range day on Chally 1, the next morning our room used to smell like 1000 rounds of 7.62mm and ten HESH had been fired overnight.

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Defo, Hearing is a problem for RAC types, along with ankles and knee (not just an infantry thing).
Also some RAC types have the odd digit missing here and there from various weapons incidents etc.
Yes. One of my lads lost a finger to a Wombat/towbar interface.


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was it Motorcycle related, a lot of "only old as the Bike you ride" on here swear by the Pensioner at Speed to keep you young idea. They Ride responsibly/skillfully at all times of course.
Sadly no, although I have spent a lot of time on two wheels - and a bit less in the gutter swearing .

Double pnuemonia,10 days on a ventilator, ECMO and 3 weeks in ICU, all good clean fun .....I ' ran' my 50th Park Run three months later.

And as I have said out loud many times, without the NHS I would be a faint patina of soot sifting gently down over the South Coast.
Just seen this thread - It's brilliant & depressing in equal measure as I'm nowhere near as bad as some but there's the inevitability that will change in short order.


Dodgy left Knee - has a weird thing where it can do lots of stuff, lift heavy, endurance stuff but there's this bit that if I catch it just right, just before lock-out, intense pain - enough that if I'm not ready for it, the leg will start to collapse. I guess the body just tries to shut down the cause of the pain before my brain actually tells me what's going to happen. If I know it's coming, no dramas. Just hurts. Abseiling is a bitch for this.

Had to start using reading glasses a few years back - but it was so alien that I kept forgetting them and now have a pair on each floor of the house, in the car, in my bergan etc... dotted around all over the place.

Started getting paroxysmal atrial fibrillation after a heavy virus five years ago, removed all the possible triggers, still happened but with less frequency, went onto beta blockers - destroyed me, removed my will to get out of bed, do any exercise, put on weight (which for me simply doesn't happen in any meaningful way), felt absolutely miserable. Came off them a few months back, went onto a low carb diet to sort out stuff, heart went spastic - ate loads of oats and chocolate, insta-happy-heart! Seems I need to balance carb intake and step away from the usual high protein or high fat diet I usually had. Just got to keep stuff in check and balanced. On a nice 500 calorie a day deficit at the moment - working perfectly, losing half a kg a week as I should - MyFitnessPal | MyFitnessPal.com is genius for this, even better when you sync it up to your Garmin etc... to get everything noted. I reckon a few more weeks, month maybe max, then I can get back to maintenance and then up it as and when training demands it. The Abs are back, just need to finish off the love-handles a bit. Stubborn buggers they are.

Shit/missing teeth like many of our generation, certainly not helped by Army dentists.

Got random bloating and seems that if I keep gluten to a minimum, it reduces most off it - if I fancy a pizza, I'll have it as long as I know what'll come after.

Work out/train/run/walk whatever 6 days a week but there's always a singular initial consideration - what's the injury risk in what I'm about to do? That pretty much defines things nowadays and I make sure things are mixed up so there's never a focus on a particular movement, set of joints - just a general overall functional aim and not scared to take the odd extra day off if I feel a bit fatigued or not quite right. Max HR stuff for more than 20 minutes or so really wipes me out now (easy to hit on a call out). I work and socialise with a bunch of fit & robust people, MR & SF - I'm never the fittest among them, keeps you on your toes.

Sleep really well, always aim to get at least 8hrs. No point in doing the above if the recovery element isn't on point.

Was a heavy smoker from early teens until 2015 - moved back to the UK from Dubai where it was £1 a packet and simply couldn't justify so stopped.

Pretty much binned alcohol a few years ago - mainly because of the AFib as it can be a trigger, but I wasn't really winning anymore - the pain the next day outweighed the pleasure the night before. Would be stupid to carry on like that. I now enjoy the odd glass of wine or a single beautiful ice cold beer on a hot day - but that's it. Get a hangover if I have more than three now, bastard!

Hair is thinning, will go shaved as soon as it starts to look desperate.

Getting old sucks nuts.
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Oh yeah, one of the reasons for coming off the beta blockers.

Always felt super sluggish in the morning. Wonder what my HR is...?


Yeah, I have a relatively low resting HR anyway, but that's not great... Doc wasn't happy at all!
f uck no, my ticker is in poor enough condition as it is
BTW mate you can stop off here anytime , we live just at the back of the C&MC club Balbirnie Markinch , decent site , if a tad on the dear side, or there's the drive...... much cheaper rates :)

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