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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Battsimm, Jan 6, 2006.

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  1. HOORAY!, I'm 37! (Today if anyone's interested.......)

    BUT, As i live in the Mess during the week, 380 miles away from my current home address and go home every other weekend (work/mess fuctions permitting, obviously) and claim GYH(P) at an alarming rate of £8 a day...........

    Is it worth me changing to the over 37 deally-whatsit?

    I ask as I have been given various comflicting advice from 2 UAOs and would just like to see if there's anyone else in the same boat, so to speak, as me.

    Any advice suggestions greatfuly received........... :wink:
  2. If your 'current home address' is your own home and not rented, then you should be on the 'over 37' package anyway. It doesn't deprive you of anything, it just means that you pay food at a slightly lower rate than the singlies (unless PAYD affects it) and that you don't pay for your room. You still get your GYH payments. It's great.

    What you do then, is swank about the Mess annoying the singlies and the pads who are 36 and under. Great fun. I did it for 2 years. It really annoys the singlies who can't wait to whine about it. You can actully see some of them festering on the matter. What you do then, is bring up a topic such as 'standard of food' for the amount of money that you are paying. It's like dropping a hand grenade....off they go. Just as they start to complain, get up and walk away. The sheer frustration on their faces is brilliant. The next day, complain that your room(s) are crap. The older the singly and the higher the rank, the more annoyed they become.
  3. Isn't the other 37 package for stinking bean stealers anyway, singlies aren't allowed it.


    Happy Birthday Battsim

    edited to add birthday greetings.
  4. Worse than that is when you own your own home and live in it at weekends.....are over 37.....but are not married.....Can't claim GYH as g/f lives in it, so can't use the once a month visit ploy!! Still at least I am not given £4.35 a month pocket money like the 'bean stealers!'
  5. Why live in at weekends........you in the TA?
  6. Biscuits,

    Good bit of advice there friend, not the way it was explained to me, though I was an 'augmentee' at the time so they prolly just fobbed me off same as every other time, ho hum.... Yeah, current home is my own hoose, lived in by wife and sprogg, so Over the hills package might be a good 'un after all!

    Must admitt to steering clear of the paying for scoff arguments at messing mettings in the past, but now as I'm getting on a bit, might make life a bit more entertaining, mess meetings might take on a whole new complexion now, cheers.....
  7. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    The joys of the over 37 package.

    Be hated by all the singlies in the Mess you lucky badger.
  8. Also be prepared to be moved into the sh1ttiest accommodation in your Mess-the PMC/RSM/CO will smile and say "well your getting it for free anyway"...bitter, twisted? Too f'kin right
  9. Ahhhhhhhh, but I already live in room 101 - honest, its a feckking shoe box and it actually is room number 101, so it cant get much worse on that front, besides its just somewhere to kip and do the other 'during the week stuff' such as interfere with myself etc.........
  10. You should be pulling rank here mate. I wouldn't live in a cupboard whilst some single Sgt has a bunk. Get him moved and take over his gaff.
  11. QRs states that rooms should be allocated - Single, by rank and then married unaccompanied by rank.

    For those on the over 37 package, its by choice - take the room you are given, as you get home at w/e and for singlies it is their home!
  12. QRs states that rooms should be allocated - Single, by rank and then married unaccompanied by rank.

    For those on the over 37 package, its by choice - take the room you are given, as you get home at w/e and for singlies it is their home![/quote]

    It's also the choice for singlies not to buy a house. Either buy a house, get married, or get promoted (or any combination of the 3 options). Either way stop whinging.
  13. I've been trying at least 2 of these for years to no avail!
  14. Do you have a link or reference for the highlighted bold sentence above? I have had a look in QR's, MML and AGAIS but can find nothing which resembles that 'rule'.. I was under the impression that to discriminate against someone based on their marital status was illegal.

    Although it is an admirable sentiment to allocate the better accommodation to the singlies, I would appreciate some hard facts to substantiate your claim.

    Edited for spelling
  15. Can't see what the problem is. I've got a nice flat (gratis), SSSA and GYH(P)..I can't actually move for the amount of money I'm under. Anybody want some ?