Over 37 scheme

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dave9252, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. I've been informed the 'over 37 scheme' is not for personnel serving outside of the UK.. Can anyone confirm this, as have had a look at jsp 752 and it is ambigous about it.
    Many thanks
  2. Includes outside the UK - however can only be taken up within 6 months of TOS or turning 37 years of age
  3. I heard that this might be getting the chop everywhere soon because so many people are joining the army later in life.
  4. I am over 37, but according to the SPS 'specialists' i'm not eligible due to not being in UK and not having a wife or kids living there aswell.. (i'm married unaccompanied, the better 1/2 living in Canada)
  5. Maybe you should threaten to sue for £100k for discrimination.
  6. I did MUA in Germany a couple of years ago and got it - are you in BFG? Basically you forgo Disturbance allowance as a pad (still entitled to singly rates though) and get the level 1 LSA (as vol sep), you may also get FIA depending on circumstances of the accom you get. Also singly LOA. You can also do the hiring a van to take your kit back to UK (through DSCOM) when posted back - I can't remember the official name. Ask them if the rules have changed since 2007?
  7. Apparently because its now worded differently your only eligible if your immediate family live in UK, it doesn't matter if i'm paying the cost of living for my family in an other country!!!!
  8. You are right, JSP 752 does state that it is for leaving families at a SPR in UK. Never noticed this before, and if people have claimed it with families overseas, suggest it may have been overlooked. Seems a bit harsh. Suggest you get your unit to write to PACCC (Casework Cell) and explain where your house is, when you intend to live in it, etc etc and see what comes back.
  9. If you are VOLSEP from your spouse (who is living a different theatre) then you should be entitled to LSA at Level 1 - (JSP 752, Chap 5, Sect 1).
  10. The over 37 scheme is intended for personnel coming to the end of their service to set up home in UK. Unfortunately the rules weren't set up with your situation in mind. That said it all depends on whether it can be included in the 'spirit of the meaning' - staff it up throgh your chain of command - the worst that they can say is no
  11. Typical pads whinning about money..think of the singlies who are 37+ they get nothing.