Over 37, Res to Pod, Xmas grant??!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by marcustandy, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. Thankfully this isn't affecting me but all the same, I find it hard to comprehend.

    A day or so before stand down (all leave submitted by then, obviously) the SQMS's in my Regt (3 of them) were told that they would have to come into work on 21, 26, 28 Dec to carry out 100% weapon serial number checks.

    One of them lives 2 hours away and is on the over 37 package i.e. lives in the Mess and travels home at weekends; another lives local but is booked to go away over Xmas & New Year; the third lives local.

    No-one was happy about having to come in for these checks. The bloke who had arranged to go away has made some plans to cover it although I'm not sure if he cancelled totally or is travelling back for each of the checks. The other chap who lives a couple of hours away will be making the journey on each day of the checks.

    The bit I can't get my head around is that they have been told by the admin office that they can't claim anything for the travel. They've also been told that they can't claim back the days of leave that they are losing but that has been 'squared away' by the own OCs, as in, they are being given days in lieu. The reasoning for this (no travel claim allowed) has been given as 'you had fair warning of this 'duty' i.e. before you left to go on leave'.

    Surely this is a load of tosh??!! How can they be made to come back into work to carry out a 'duty' yet not get the travel claim for doing so??

    Help me try and make sense of this please.
  2. pretty sure JSP 440 says somewhere that the Armoury can be locked for 2 weeks without checks being done, (ie inspected locked & reopened and inspected) if not then sure that the CQMS's can cover for each other for one of the days
  3. They also thought that the Armoury could be left for longer but the QM says not. Funnily enough, the rest of the Garrison are managing to 'lock & leave it' for two weeks. What is disappointing is that Bde haven't been bothered to issue a stand down instruction, as I have seen at other locations in times past. That way, everyone knows where they stand.

    BTW, the SQMSs can't cover for each other as the paperwork has to be printed out from UNICOM (and consolidated afterwards) and each doesn't have access to each others accounts/weapons/arms cote within the main armoury.

    My main concern/question was the bit about having to travel back for this but not getting any travel expenses. Any advances on that anyone?
  4. get the QM's Unicom accountant to add the child accounts (ET MAINT) Acct Code through MAINACCT, with the other SQMS's consent, to each of their accounts on a temp measure. There would be no question of fraud as you can track everything done on child accounts.

    Then each SQMS could do the stock checking print
  5. Marcustandy,

    Not a good story. It makes me think that either some QM type is deliberately trying to screw these SQMS' around or else there is a real problem which must be fixed on these dates - sounds like the former. I am certain that the CO would not be impressed to find that these guys are being fuc*ed around like this, at no notice and during the Xmas leave period. Not a good advert for the unit, and if the CO does know about it then he will be tapping in with the Bde Comd when he finds about it (as inevitably he will in the New Year).

  6. Thought the armouries got security sealed after 100% checks.

    Ord officer checks that the seals are still intact daily....jobs done
  7. Not been involved for a couple of years so may not be current, however, that is pretty much what my units have done in the past

    It looks like someone is being an Arrse :evil:
  8. Might have a look but think it might be at least every 7 days checks?
  9. Yeah meant to be serial number checks every 7 days with Orderly Officer, but on long stand-down's you can go longer, think your QM is being a throbber, our Armoury is sealed until leave period is over.
  10. JSP 752

    04.0115. Recall From Leave. Service personnel may be recalled to duty during a period of leave only for the most compelling reasons which could not have been foreseen before their departure. Reasonable extra and necessary expenses incurred by Service personnel in complying with orders for recall from a period of leave can be refunded. Travel to resume the leave may also be at public expense but is subject to the following:

    a. Stationed in the UK. Duty travel to resume the leave is not permissible to a place beyond that from which the Service person was recalled. Travel expenses incurred as a result of any travel outside the UK to resume leave are not to be refunded.

    b. Stationed Overseas. Service personnel stationed overseas who are recalled from local leave may be allowed to travel at public expense to resume leave, provided that the unexpired period of leave exceeds 3 days and cannot reasonably be added to the next period of leave. Service personnel stationed overseas who are recalled from leave in the UK or beyond their local overseas area may not return to their leave location at public expense for the unexpired leave period.

    So strictly speaking it seems that what you have been told is correct, but a little flexibility could be used here I'm sure.
  11. I cannot see where any flexibility could be used - the whole issue is that the QM should use a bit of common sense - block leave periods are not new, as far as I can remember Christmas happens around the same time every year! arrangements can be made quite easily as posted above, there are always duty personnel. The recall from leave bit is designed for unforeseen circumstances not for something like this- I totally agree those involved should not be out of pocket but if the QM has decided this course of action he should be digging into his own pocket, this would not be a fair charge against the public!