Over 37 provision


I went on over 37 provision J
uly 06 army paid removals for family from germany to UK. However was told I could not get Disturbance allowance until I was posted in 2008 is this correct
Wrong answer - if you are definately under the over 37 package you are entitled to Dist Allce at the time of the family move - extract from RAAC:


09.064 General. Service personnel who are eligible to claim the Over 37 Provision will be entitled to claim, providing they have not claimed in the previous 12 months:

a. Disturbance Allowance at the Basic Rate, and if applicable the Child Element.

b. Removal of furniture and household effects, under the SCS, from their residence at station, or from store, to a selected place of residence.


Thanks for this answer Paywog, but do you know the form to use as I was told you need an order to move, which I did not have.

Also one more query. I am on potl and will not get back to my unit before new JPA takes over can I still claim at the old rate because of wrong info from my RAO

Am with a joint (ish) unit, seeme to be a bit of we get this and that for old gits from various units. Any one got the actual what we should be able to claim for over 37. 1 Navy lad seems to get get you home pay every weekend???/

I assume you turned 37 in jul 06 or up to 6 months before?? if so your date of birth is all you need!! - copy of birth certificate if they get really ****!1 - you need to get this in NOW - last UNICOM transmission is 28 Feb 07 then over to the dreaded JPA. - Any probs feel free to PM.


The Army are still under RAAC and your move comes under the para I quoted there is a change under JPA to the over 18 years service package - not quite the same ring to it! - this is what the Navy and RAF are already subject to>