Over 37 Provision being lowered to over 34?


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During of all things a "Pay as you dine" brief one of the chompers mentioned this is on the cards.
Any whispers from on high in the AG world?
I think this is part of the transition to JPA. IIRC, the Navy has a much lower age limit for a similar package.



So is this going to be a fair and equitable allowance including singlies with houses, or will i need to ship over a mail order russian bride to qualify for free digs?


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Edit: Original post deleted
Ignore me, I need to learn to read the title of topic correctly


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LSAP is different to the over 37 package for 'free' accommodation in messes. I would've qualified for the LSAP under current regs, but didn't when I bought my house. unlucky old me, eh!

Now I've got it a house and the over 37 package for those serving away from home is apparently being reviewed, I want to know when I can get free mess accommodation and get grumpy with young subbies and so on....


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Yes I realised my error and in my embarrasment went hunting for something more relevant. Manged to dig this out, the new JSP754 for Pay and Charges. Re: the over 37's package, its looks like the answer is still "No" for singlies.

"Waiver of Accommodation Charges

09.0107. SLA charges will be waived in the following circumstances:
u. Over Age 37 Provision. Army personnel in PStat Cat 1s/c or 2 who elect to serve unaccompanied under the terms of the Army over age 37 provision will not pay SLA charges. "

However not sure if this bit is new (been out a few years now)
"o. Single Homeowner/Occupier. Service personnel in PStat Cats 3, 4 and 5 who own their own homes and have received authorisation from their COs to live out in their own homes at the duty station (see 09.0107h) will not pay SLA charges at a temporary assignment station in the following circumstances:

(1) They are on an assignment of less than 12 months, and providing they have a continuing commitment to pay the mortgage and their property is not sub-let. Charges will be raised from the date that notification was given that the assignment will be extended beyond 12 months.

(2) They are on an assignment, and are waiting for a house sale/purchase transaction to be completed for a period not normally exceeding 6 months. This 6 month period will only be extended exceptionally for a further period of up to 6 months, to a maximum total period of 12 months, when authorised by the individual’s CO. In such circumstances the CO will notify JPAC PACC. "

The final caveat to this JSP754 is that it says in the intro
"This is the tri-Service JSP for Pay and Charges and will, subject to legal ratification, be the definitive policy document for Service Pay as JPA rolls out to each Service."

So presumably that means, "not just yet" for the Army


Missing or Prisoner of War. SLA charges will not be raised against Service personnel who have officially been declared missing or a Prisoner of War.

Awwww, that's good of them :D

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