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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by CardinalSin, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. I've just been reading some bumph on JPA and the changes to regulations. I am due to benefit from the Over 37 Package on my next posting (later this year), so I was keen to see what it said.

    It seems that it will be switching to a length-of-service (LoS)-based criteria (18 yrs) - which is fair enough, however reading on, there is a paragraph which stated

    "On transition, those individuals who are currently in receipt of separation benefits and not paying accn charges under the Over 37 provision will lose their entitlement to separation benefits and be liable for accommodation charges with effect 1 Apr 07."

    It's all very wooly, but would this just mean people who had joined up late i.e. they were 37 or over but had served less than 18 years?
  2. I have just read throug JSP 754 and as far as I can see, the over 37 provision remains unchanged.

    "Waiver of Accommodation Charges

    09.0107. SLA charges will be waived in the following circumstances:
    u. Over Age 37 Provision. Army personnel in PStat Cat 1s/c or 2 who elect to serve unaccompanied under the terms of the Army over age 37 provision will not pay SLA charges. "
  3. Policy changes again.

    Extract received from PS10.

    This should apply to all personnel 01 Apr.
  4. Sorry, I'm being a bit dim and i know you have just put this in writing for me but - I am currently on the over 37 package in SSSA accn, working 260 miles from home (commuting at weekends). I get GYH(P) and FIA plus free accn. I bought my house based on this fact and frankly without the aforementioned allowances I will not be able to afford to keep it. Am I about to be in deep deep pooh ?
  5. I do not know your exact particulars, but you will need to read JSP 752, Chapter 5, all about INVOLSEP and VOLSEP as to where you lie with this. Bear in mind that only the Army so far are insisting on this regulation, the RN and RAF are not playing ball at the mo. You may need to initiate casework explaining your situation to your RAO who will subsequently forward it to Bde etc, if you require to do so. :neutral:
  6. So what is the best course of action for the population on the over 37 package - should we all be drafting our case letters now and overloading the very busy RAO Dept's whilst their are mid transition to JPA, or hold our nerves for the next 2 months in the hope that the 'powers that be'/bean counters - PS4(A) - come up with an alternative package ready to roll out 01 Apr 07(or is this an elaborate Apr fools joke!!). :frustrated:
  7. The pay staff serving with me understand it as, it will be purely based on time served. Once you have served your 18 years you can apply for exemption from accommodation charges. This is actually common sense especially when you could have a 33 year old joining up now and only have to pay 4 years worth accommodation charges then live in block or mess for free until you are 55 on the old scheme!!! A tad unfair!

    I'm in the same boat as the Cardinal! Hopefully I can stop paying accommodation charges in April rather than wait until I'm 37 in August!
  8. Over 37 package all I can advise is to check, check and double check again that the RAO are giving you the right information. Due to me being given a complete load of crap when I left Hameln I was shafted and unable to claim the over 37 allowance during my last 2 1/2 years in the army, because I hadn't followed the right procedure!
  9. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Is that 18 years man service or will this include time served as a junior, thus coming into line with AFPS 05?
  10. From my pay bloke in colchester, we start paying accom in april, also mentioned fuel and light charges might be introduced later in the year, this will seriously dent finances for all that are on over 37 package.
    Interesting piece on page 53 feb issue of soldier mag, Brig Gordon states" if an individual opts to serve unaccom and meets eligibilty criteria, single accom and CILCOT charges are waived". No mention of JPA tho!!
    Comments Please
  11. Think It is about time someone in the the know (assuming there is anyone) came clean and told us all about the new rules and how they willimpact on the over 37 provision and if it going what will replace it.
  12. They dont want to tell us the bad news before it happens, that way we cant go running to the pay office and complain, or as a few in colchester have done demanded a posting nearer to their "home", this is going to impact quiet a few older heads and if we start getting pi***d about are we really going to put a lot of effort into retention of the young ones? its hard enough trying to get more than 4 years out of them as it is.
  13. Our man in the know in our Regt has told us that there is nothing inplace at the moment - they are indeed looking at the 18 years time served angle. BUT it may not be in place by the time JPA rolls out -So expect to be charged food accom, ciloct, in April.
    He advised us to press the case within units, put pressure on the pay geeks for a firm answer.
    So expect reduced beer tokens when JPA kicks in.
  14. Did any body reading this topic go on the over 37 provision mid tour, that is when they became 37 or did everyone wait until the next posting
  15. On posting here, no accom for family, DHE or Rented so took decision to but at "home" and see family every other weekend. Forced into decision due to lack of help from DHE/Rental people, be interesting to see what happens over the coming months of pay disruption, for JPA read any other computer system that the mil/gov have bought that isnt upto the job.
    Are we going back to having an admin SNCO? how many blokes/ladies are going to have access to computers to sort out their claims? one almighty cockup waiting to happen.