Over 37 package an FTRS (FC)

I have been told that those serving on FTRS (FC) are to lose the entitlement to the O37 package but cannot find any policy on this. Can someone on here clarify and if possible point me to the policy? I have read JSP's 752/753 and 754 but they all indicate that the entitlement is still valid.

I was told very solidly that FTRS were just plain not entitled and that was years ago - where is the ref that says we are entitled ? I sense a back-pay claim !
The JSP's mentioned also apply to reserve soldiers as well as regular and there is no mention of FTRS (FC) being ineligible. Different rules apply to those on HC and LC..
I think this is only those on the HC or LC who are losing their Grandfather rights to cheap (free?) accommodation. There was some DIN at the end of last year or in Jan.
Have read the DIN - I think HR staff are incorrectly interpreting the content to include those on FTRS (FC). Like I said on my original post, nobody has shown me any written policy that FTRS (FC) are NOT entitled to the Over 37 package even though it has been taken away and SLA is now being deducted.

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