Over 37 and FIA question.

Am currently serving on the Over 37 package and have been moved out of the Sgts Mess (well actually all Living-in-Members have, to let JNCOs live in the Mess Accom as the Barracks doesn't have enough JNCO Accom), into SSSA (or whatever its called, i.e. a publicly paid for Civvi flat). My question is this, my last pay statement suddenly had Accom & CILOCT on whereas when I lived in the Mess I didn't pay either, should I be billed Accom & CILOCT? I would ask the Pay Staffy at my unit but she currently is on Maternity leave and there has been no replacement and I don't fancy waiting 4 months for an answer - assuming she comes back, unlike the last one!
the answer is yes, I am currently on it. You pay food accom and council tax but get a fair bit in return, approx 300 notes up each month plus your rpod. hope that helps
Plus your get you home pay if you have a hoose of your own somewhere and are married unaccompanied, or your 12 MMAs a year if you own a hoose and rent it out...

Quids in really, just waiting to get my flat sorted out and I'm on the same gravy train....
Battsimm said:
, or your 12 MMAs a year if you own a hoose and rent it out.......
Is that get you home stability allowance (GHY(SA)) if so then its 12 warrants/mma claims if you are soley responsible for the council tax AND use it for leave and weekend purposes.
I stand corrected - I'm on the first one not the second so just going of what I'd been told on that one, sorry.
More worrying here is why the Sgts Mess get to move into SSSA instead of the JNCOs who are the actual ones with a shortage of accommodation. This smacks of rank having its privileges and/or the CofC not trusting the JNCOs.

Moving the Sgt etc into SSSA will cost significantly more than moving the JNCOs as there is a different entitlement.

Are there no quarters avail that can be misappropriated as SLA?
Mmmmm not sure I'm with you on that one - we've got more SLAM blocks than a slam-block shop but the mess is tiny and the annex condemned. So in our case the problem IS the WO/SNCO as there is no-where for us to live that is of a standard that is good enough - and lets face it - if the kids get lovely new slam blocks, why the hell should I have to live in a cave-like sh!t-hole just cos I'm older and wiser and can be expected to put with it without moaning?......

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