Over 30 in Basic Training - PFT time?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. here's a question... as you can now join up at 33, do those over 30 get 11 mins on the PFT during Basic instead of 10:30?

    obviously once out at units, one would expect them to get the extra 30 seconds. is there anything to say that they have to complete it in 10:30 during basic training etc?
  2. Recruits dont do a PFT they still do a BPFA
  3. With or without Zimmer Frame ?
  4. roger that sandy. so do they just get 10:30?

    (and whatever happened to the old APFA *sigh*. dips and heaves and inclined bench situps. those were the days lol)
  5. all male recruits regardless of age have to to complete the RMT in the same time.
    for RMT 1 it is 11.30
    RMT 2 is a mid CMSR assessment an improvement is expected
    RMT 3 is 10.30

    and intro to BPFA is in week14 which they again are expected to get under 10.30

    however if they dont acheive passes well under the standard 10.30 then rest assured there section commanders are giving them the verbal in no uncertain terms

    hope this helps
  6. ok, as they have only just upped the joining age to 33, i am assuming there are currently no 33 year old recruits in the system.

    any policy been brought out on this? has it been confirmed already "yes you can join at 33 but only if you can match the same physical standards as an 18 year old?"
  7. cr will attempt to find out for you as you rightly say at mo there are no over 30s at pirbright oldest recruit i have had in one of my sections is 29 however as instructors we all have to come in under 10.30 regardless of age .
  8. that's jolly kind of you, thanks very much :)