Oven for sale. 1 careful owner

On my journeys around Wattishame, i do tend to hear some rather good stories, but the other day I heard one that is priceless. A certain member of 3 who is working on groundcrew, and whos ++++name is a type of biscuit has made a rather crap purchase. He has been moved into the z block and to celebrate he went out and purchased a brane new cooker, for the utility room. He was last seen at the SQMS asking for a plug so he could just plug it in and knock up a few culinary delights for the lads. PUKKA!
Air Trooper Wagon Wheel........... Garibaldi?

Come on q man, give us a better clue.... is he a chocolate covered biscuit?

I am looking at the 3 Regt nominal roll and haven't seen any names like 'Mini Cheddar' or 'malted milk'
He is a biscuit that is plain or chocolate covered and has a two name title sounds like gob
His surname is Nob? 8O

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