Why do I only hear this horrible word from members of the Intelligence Corps? Is it because a former D INT used it in almost every bloody sentence, or is sounding like a pretentious idiot now a Corps requirement?



Although I found it to be a west coast thing and even wierder when their attached Romanian Engineers started writing method statements in jockanese using such phrases!
If they have ever had a Scot as D INT this could well have started a tradition ?

Particularly my experience is that Aberdonians will never use "outside our responsibility" but always "outwith"

..though I would never completely rule out the possibilities of jargonisation or pretention!
Apropo that fine word outwith, it was being bandied about way back in the early 70s by such fine lexicographers as the late Sammy Hart and Brigadier Rory Walker, and I was able to insert the term in many of my virgin reports in the Corps.


I have found that in organisations where the sweaties cant band together they tend to use English terms rather than PW ones even if there are a few of them about. Its more a case of their environment accepting the usage!
The other day I asked one of my blokes to give me a brief on the current situation in his part of the organisation; he used "...amelioration..." and "...deferral mode...".

Needs a slap, I think.

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