Outting the Badge

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. It appears my/our glorious leader has been looking in on this site and posting a few times. During his dinning out he intentends to mention a few posts about from site and I just thought I could return the favour (during the mess do).

    Obviously I don't want to out him publicly, so PM me! I've also thought about ways to get to him reveal himself (may have done it already :twisted: )

    Ideas included

    1. Mess suggestions (could he resist)
    2. Slag off the regt (could he resist)
    3. Start a thread calling him a hoop bandit (would I dare)

    But he admits to playing tricks with us, including start pre planned conversations between him and a mate (YofS?) to get us to respond.
  2. Is he by anychance Mooch?
  3. I would. PM me.
  4. That would be so funny, I'll relay that on to him.

    He knows who I am, I think I got close when I asked him if he had a Toyota car.
  5. Be careful disco you get threats off dale_the _snail for picking on mooch.
  6. yes but i think dale has a crack problem and isn't getting enough cock either
  7. Polar, good try, but I'm not your RSM.
  8. Already knew that :twisted:
  9. No need just found this website


    :D :D :D :D :D

    p.s. The isagaylord.com is quite good for a wind up, if you sus how it works (the site doesn't have any subdomains if u know what I mean).