Outstanding PR from the RAF

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bat_Crab, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Times Online

    Aside from the shock factor of the press interviewing a female pilot (they've never done that before!). I am appalled by some of the comments:

    Obviously if you don't fly an aircraft you aren't doing anything worthwhile that could have a negative effect on Ops! I'm certain the tecchies and movers will be happy to point out that if they don't do their job properly, there is every chance of an aircraft crashing.

    Bloody hell a Samsonite on Ops! We don't learn do we? I thought we'd stopped doing that after the debacle of our deployment to the Balkans. Ever heard of waterproof covers etc for your bergen?

    Obviously this must have been written by her five-year old nephew for a school project.

    *rant mode on*

    This article has got me, and others in the RAF (it's gone around by e-mail rather quickly), quite angry. I do not wish to disparage Flt Lt Leavy, but that this made it through the MOD's PR machine is astonishing. It is poorly written, self-serving and utterly un-representative of the experiences of the majority of RAF chaps in theatre. Having worked with the herc chaps at BAS I have been impressed with the work they put in, their flying ability and their willingness to get the job done. Yes I did meet the odd c0ck, but you find them in every branch and trade. This article does the RAF a disservice.

    *rant off*
  2. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Scuttling around like little crabs...



  4. It appears the responses on the site are of a similar vein to Bat Crabs, does not do our collegues in blue any favours - pre-supposing that the report accurately reflects what was actually said
  5. PPrune thread on the subject

    'Apparently' she is an alright person really and the nasty media twisted her words.

    I might send her a box of pencils.
  6. Mind you re the accommodation thing I had the -ahem- privilege of working on Ops with some of our sideways scuttling friends and being involved in the room plot.

    I was glibly informed by the pre-advance party that each member of RAF aircrew would require a single room, and that Non-Commissioned aircrew would need to bunk in the Officers' billets for "team bonding" purposes, this in a location where Field Officers were crammed in on top of each other.

    This was strange as the previous squadron (strangers to Farahs, grey slip ons etc) had managed to share accommodation; actually managed to do the odd sortie in support of the mission and which didn't involve going shopping or trying to show off to females on camp; and even risked getting the aircraft wet by flying in less than perfect weather.
  7. Cheers DPM, it looks like dinner time in College Hall Mess at Cranwell!
  8. Not the first time a female pilot in Iraq has swung the lantern into the faces of others. At least she doesn't 'party so hard she didn't hear the mortars falling.'
  9. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Lady needs a good kicking - but as she is the most important person on earth it might not be a good idea. Pompus little tart - (if it is written in her own words).
  10. Yet another example of the 'institutional arrogance' displayed by Royal Air Force aircrew. Whilst everyone on the ground expects to be bantered for being a bluntie/REMF, Flt Lt Leavey's comments - in a national newspaper - will serve to further undermine morale of the ground personnel stationed in Basra and will drive still deeper the wedge between aircrew and groundcrew. Cloying and vomit-inducing though it can sometimes be, at least US aircrew are always quick to acknowledge that they could not do their job without everyone pulling it together as a team.

    She is on her 7th tour in Iraq over a 2 year period, but of course each of her deployments will have been for a 3-week period. The ground staff at certain locations are mortared daily, and have the pleasure of a 4-month stint on the ground (not 6 months, I grant you, so no comparison with those lads patrolling the streets for a 6-month stretch).

    English lessons wouldn't go amiss either. "Running like a hot potato" and people with "less stringent jobs"? Also, do we really need the mock-surf-dude "I was, like woah and they were, like way and I was, like, yes way" style of English?
  11. Captain Plume - Please don't tar all RAF aircrew with the same brush. Some aircrew, especially SH crews are {said through gritted teeth} really good people who will sleep where they fall.

    Of course there are many tw@ts who think they are flying for EasyJet who bleat on about hotels and rates more than the servicability of their aircraft but these are mainly found in the less deployable parts of the RAF.
  12. Even Hercs are split into 2 breeds:

    Tac Crews usually very good, get on with the job.

    Route Crews, oh my, cant fly for the bleating and queen sized beds.

    I wonder which one she was.
  13. THS wrote

    Erm, without breaching OPSEC, the people I was referring to were SHF!
  14. CaptainPlume - 6 years working on TSW, with the majority of our 'customers' being members being either AAC or SHF and currently being on a unit that has both AAC and RAF squadrons has taught me that apart from the different berets (Blu Tac blue or crab fat blue sir?) they were all very much the same.

    Of course there are exceptions, much as I've met awarkard SHF crews I can distinctly remember some very arrsey AAC pilots, including an ex-Guards officer pilot at R850 who seemed hell bent on being an arrse, but overall most are there to do a job and just get on with it.
  15. This reminds me of when two CH-47s got weathered in at my sqn´s remote location in Bosnia. We were told that the aircrew would need officers´accommodation. The Sqn Cpl Major obliged by providing them with two roll mats each instead of one.