Outstanding obituary: Major Henry Druce

'SAS officer who ambushed a German column while dressed in corduroy trousers and a silk top hat.'

Link here

Because I think this man embodies what we all admire. No apologies for that. Please take a moment to read the obituary. He deserves it.

A brilliant, courageous British ecentric.

Edited to add one full stop. I'm getting better!


War Hero
RIP to the living proof of British courage.
Corduroy Trousers and a Black Silk Top Hat.

What a legend.

RIP Sir, an excellent article.


Extraordinary -- a life very well spent.


(By the way, was it really possible to mount four Vickers on a Jeep? It sounds so cramped and unpractical.)

But a lot of firepower. I'd rather be warry than comfy to be honest.


Praetorian said:

But a lot of firepower. I'd rather be warry than comfy to be honest.

I'm no soldier, Praetorian, so I wouldn't even try to contest what you're saying -- you most definitely knows what you're talking about.

It's only that I thought the writer maybe could have got it wrong. Is it possible? After all, Jeeps were small, and Vickers, big and heavy.
Read it - Absolutly amazing Gent!

He did all that and only got a DSO (Only a DSO says this d1ckhead) from the brit side.

Hats off to you Sir and RIP.

Please tell me there's a book detailing his exploits


You see, this is why dress is important. Anyone can win a DSO, but operating behind enemy lines in a pair of cords and top hat, well that takes real courage. It wouldn't do to win a DSO, and then rush out to purchase a top hat. No, that displays a certain calculating consciousness of one's newly found elevation in other soldiers eyes. One must therefore behave quite normally on campaign, wearing comfortable gardening clothes, and assume DSO opportunities present themselves occasionally to other officers.
However, should one arise, you will be correctly attired. Not only will one's dress dumbfound the enemy, presenting an opportunity for a kill or outlandish capture, but one's obit in The Daily Telegraph will be so much more colourful. Of course, if things don't work out, even though many will think you a complete arrse - and you'd be dead - you would still be recalled, in the mess in the early hours, as a true gentleman amateur who played the game.
rickshaw-major said:
Outstanding. I've heard of FISH and CHIPS but using a Ham in CQB is phenomenal!!


It isn't clear whether that is the Ham Mk 1 or the Mk 2, and if it was cooked or not!

Nevertheless, what a soldier! Style!

I wonder if this is the same guy who is described in the classic book "The Phantom Major" as going into combat wearing a pair of sky blue, silk, womens pyjamas and smoking a pipe, whilst working with Stirling in the western desert.
Surely there coudnt have been two such eccentrics.

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