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Hi All,

8O Just been given a `kin Gem of a job on bieng knocked off on xmas leave but here it is,my QM has tasked me to get a pair of size 16.. yes you read it right size 16!! desert boots current issue is Magnum Amazon well thats what mine are! and a pair of the same size cold weather boots (Pro boots/Lowa/Matterhorn) type.

I need them for a lad attached to my regiment on Telic 7,I have spoken to all the usual deadmans I can think of and the British footwear association nobody does over size 15!! I have also spoken to the lads parent unit who said he had his last pair made specially,I`m emailling Hi-Tec in the USA direct,The QM has orders to get them and the "firm" are paying via the unit credit card thingy and I just wondered if any other arrse members can help me out .... please

cheers :lol: :?:


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bolt cutters on his toes and he should fit a size 12
You could always phone the IPT and get them to advise. They should have a line item in the boots Contract for one off sizes (big and small).

We had to have a set of 2's specially made for one of our 'bigger' lads.
FFS - I hate to admit it - Tiffy is right. Your Q world should have contacts through higher cmd to the IPT and the DCTA. There ARE conrtacts for those guys to get kit - I've had to get stuff before. The system is there for them too.
Not sure if it's any use to you, but at a push Alt-Berg might be able to sort out some size 16's. Can't see it being cheap mind - but they do make quality kit!


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dont forget, you'll get US sizes ordering off these websites. a Uk 16 would be a what? 17, 18 US?

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