Outrageous Kit Combinations

I've seen some blokes really pushing the envelope with 'fashion statements'. One of the blokes in my team used to wear a Dennison smock with tropical kecks (this in in 1985). I routinely used to wear aircrew boots, lightweights, Norwegian (before they were general issue) and a plain green Barbour jacket in the winter; and aircrew smock, tropical kecks and jungle boots when the sun was shinin'.

What's the most outrageous kit combo you've got away with? :D
While attached to the RMP (Yes I was AMP!) in Germany in the Winter of 93/94 I was told to go on duty wearing "Warm Clothing" well me bing me decided that the SSgt ment "War Clothing" So I did my AMP Duty in Windproofs Trousers, Norgie / Green Heli Hanson and Windproof smock, with green watch cap and shoulder holster! oh how I laughed at the amount of extra's I got.........................................
RA Junior Leaders, Bramcote, early 80's.

One of the Battery Commanders was from the RHA. Would routinely wear a home-knitted pea-green woolly jumper with epaulettes sewn on, baggy corduroy trousers in a sort of gold colour, exquisite bespoke brogues and a flat cap that looked as if his labrador had eaten it the night before. To top it all off he had the obligatory barbour jacket.
smock, blue levis jeans and about 4 days beard growth.
Why has nobody mentioned staff officers? The classic 'lightweights unbloused and brown brogues as a sort of barrack dress' combination is always a winner. 8O
Back in the Eighties before all the Gucci kit came in, I used to use a german tanksuit complete with badges and insignia to drive my 436 on exercise in Germany with an old school scarf, inflatable artic mitts.

All the drivers looked like a right bunch of misfits! fair dinkum the temperature was -20 and the brigadier had said he didn't care wot we wore as long as we were warm!

(and yes it was a 436, before some sprog tells me it was a AFV 432, it was a command vehicle at Brigade HQ)
A previous CO wore:

Green Shirt
Temperate combat trousers
Desert boots
Beret a' la Frank Spencer style
Occasional cravat

This is the same bloke who put his pips on upside down on his Service dress one parade.

Left to become an estate agent if I remember!!!
polar69 said:
80's dpm trews , raf blue shirt n jumper combo, tin hat and axe handle
Is that your "pulling" outfit? :wink:
As a STAB we had three capbadges (and three orders of dress) in one Bn.

Our RHF CO decided not to show favouritism, and so appeared in the morning as a Queens Own Highlander (from the neck to waist),a Gordon Highlander (from the waist down) and wearing a Lovat Scout headdress. This naty ensomble was finished off with a UDR stable belt - he was a great CO.
A donkey-walloper of my acquaintance was one of two Army officers sent to the RN Staff College...they conferred and agreed that whatever (whatever) the other guy turned out in, he would support him by saying "Oh yes, the XXXX have always worn running shoes in undress/number eights/service dress".

Apparently they settled (bearing in mind that one was RHA and the other QDG) for a routine working dress of hats, chip bag; regimental pullovers, rainbow; trousers, mens lightweight, unironed probably; shirts, almost bleached as white as an Iraqis bones from GW1; and there they differed. Cav-man went for leather chukka boots, while Captain H went for suede brogues. What must the Navy have thought??

A BC of mine would turn up for Sunday drill orders in Bristol wearing top half normal working dress, lower half kilt. Top bloke...been up and down the field officer ranks like a Haymarket whore's drawers.
Among various weird kit combos seen in the sandpit .marks to the desert coloured jumpers the cav had half way between a wolly pully and something
a traveller would wear :lol: . desert smocks with 58 pattern belts and even
a 37 pattern belt with highly polished brasses .
Though worst outfit must go to Metrepolitian police adviser baseball cap
with police on polo shirt with met crest on long blue shorts black magnums
utilily belt with holster which would have made batman proud . oakleys .
beer belly sun burn . Wether it was worn as a uniform or as civis i dont know
. The covert outfit of some dodgy septic .desert boots jeans harly tshirt
belt with large us flag and chrome auto in some technical sort of holster
chest rig in balck with carbiner through which is threaded large bunch of cylumes worn under denim shirt in attempt to conceal it ! oakleys arab headress m4 +everything you could stick on it . He drove away in a local motor so must at least thought he was blending in :? .
Though the officer who had belt kit one of those nylon rigs last seen in b20 and like go running in issuse gym kit + sas bergan must score point for
induvility . Runner up dog handler short arse with huge dpm windproof in basra in april .
Turned up for work once in QM issue CS 95 clean and pressed, with correctly fitting beret, issue belt, and black issue boots. People thought I was mad.
I am proposing to offer a prize for the most outlandish combo (proveable) posted here before Aug 1st 05. My nominations:

1. Troop Leaders' Course at Bovvy/Lulworth, 1979 or so; HCR Ruperts on D&M segment in "Elephant's Scrotum" coveralls, tan newmarket boots, SD hat and whip. ES effect acheived by taking filthy cav coveralls, soaking in OMD 75 and spit for a week or so, then wadded up and thrown in the camp laundromat's most useless dryer or an oven set for Gas Mark 6 for several hours. Uncrack and don.

2. Final parade of some of the "Old and Bold" at CVHQ RA in mid '80's. One white-haired old character in the rear rank was resplendent in:

Boots, Field, Boer War, Brown
Puttees, off-white, RHA
Trousers, Barrack, Green, Nasty, Nylon
Smock, Denison, Mk1, Officer's Pattern (with nice collar - think Dirk Bogarde in "A Bride too Fat")
Belt, 44 Pattern, blanco'ed/painted odd purple shade
Shirt Hairy with tie silk, knobbly
Beret, Blue, Chinook LZ size with WAIT FOR IT......A Middlesex Regiment Capbadge complete with cherries 'n' cream felt backing.

For those among you born after Ena Sharples had her last knee-trembler, the Middx was amalgamated away in 1966)

I am not making this up!! I have witnesses who will back me to the hilt...if I make it worth their while, no doubt.

"Sir; this is the finest Army in the World; and it runs on milky tea and poor-quality porn" - Cpl "Velcro" Stephens, late Princess Patricia's Herbaceous Borderers.


female RNR CO wore for 4 days; silver shoes, black trousers, combat jacket, naval cap and black/gold rank slides, at bisley... stylish!
I knew a 2ic that wore a tie in every order, best I saw was him wearing tie, Shirt OG, and a norgi over the top on exercise

I once had to do RP's onthe gate weating full barrrack dress (trousers, no2 shirt , tie, JHW, best boots and tawt hat) whilst wearing flak jacket and carrying a SLR

But I still think the worst I saw was at Sennelager where the Guard wore full combats, white belt with regt buckle and a helmet 8O
When I was in the OTC we had a recently retired SCOTS DG officer who would deploy on Ex wearing combat jacket, white shirt and tie!

Always carried a harmonica in the pocket of his smock, I'm sure some out there will know who I mean!
orificecadet said:
female RNR CO wore for 4 days; silver shoes, black trousers, combat jacket, naval cap and black/gold rank slides, at bisley... stylish!
Was this recently? I think I know who you mean!
Used to a be Major at one unit I was posted to in 1997 who insisted on wearing DMS boots and puttees with the old OG trousers, and '68 pat DPM jacket.
He used to say he was saving money by using his old kit and not getting issued CS95. The crazy fool.

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