Outrageous Comments to Officers and SNCOs II

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Counter-Bluffer-Ops, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. Me and the boys thought it was time to draw a line under the old thread. Hoping in advance that you don't mind.

    We heard this from one of our older members. Still massaging our respective rib cages.

    RSM: "Brown, there's a piece of shit on the end of this stick"
    Brown: "It's not on my end sir"

    March 'im away Provo and work 'im 'ard.

    Beat that then.
  2. Now it has all calmed down a bit... :D

    One damp morning on STANTA, Troop Leaders summoned to SHQ for an O group...

    Extremely dishevelled, unshaven and bleary eyed Troop leader crawls out of his sleeping back to be confronted by Tp Sgt.

    Tp Sgt: "FFs! Look at the state of you...Put that on, and that, pick that up, put those in your pocket, wear that, carry them and now get your ar*e over to the CV. AND DON'T FORGET YOUR EFFIN GUN!"

    Tp Leader departs at the double, trying to dress himself, put on his helmet and webbing on, with his arms full of map case, rifle, notebook/pens etc etc.

    Rest of troop falls about laughing...



    (PS the Tp Leader concerned did OK and actually grew up to be a Sqn Leader - he always got the beers in though!)
  3. I remember quite clearly being on a Regimental parade at Perham Down several decades ago when the CO elected to inspect our Squadron. Finding the appearance of a certain Spr Brown most unmilitary he requested that the RSM have a word.

    The RSM duly prodded Spr Brown in the chest with his pace stick and exclaimed; "Brown, there's a piece of s*** on the end of this stick". To which Brown politely replied; "Sorry Sir, you're not catching me with that old 'un".

    Later that day a very distraught RSM withdrew his application for commision and began his downward spiral into alcoholic retirement having failed with such a crucial gag at the pinnacle of his appointment.

    Brown later became a fashion guru at the height of the punk rock era.

    Tis true!
  4. Excuse me asking, but is that the same Brown who used to wear leg warmers in place of putties?
  5. That's the chap ... known as 'Bomber' for some reason or other?