It's a ten minute bike ride from my house to the TA centre, and a good twenty minutes by car, so I usually cycle. I don't, I confess, often put a civvy top on over my shirt, technically breaking the rules, I know, but no-one at the unit has a problem with it.

After a hard weekend's training, I was on my way home, FOGB bergan on my back, and four young men - well-dressed (shirts & society ties), posh accents, etc. - were walking the wrong way down the cycle lane I was in. I rang my bell a couple of times, and one of them shouted 'Nah, you'd better move'. Having right of way and not wanting to give in to yobbish behaviour, I kept going.

They didn't move. Instead, they knocked me off my bike, laughed, and kept going, making snide comments ("Ought to be more careful with that on your back!" etc). My opinion, expressed from the pavement as I struggled to get up (I'm not a large guy and the bike and the bergan on top of me made it pretty tricky) that they were ******* disgraceful little shits who deserved to be shot at dawn, especially today of all days, didn't seem to elicit any remorse from them. I thought about chasing after them and trying to make sure they learnt some respect, but like I said, I'm not large, they outnumbered me four to one, and I was (and am) cream-crackered from the weekend.

My faith in human nature was restored slightly by the help I received from a young family man who crossed the street to help me up and echoed my opinion that they were little shits. Even so - to do something like that to anyone is atrocious, to someone who's obviously a soldier on Remembrance Sunday is beyond words. How despicable.


PS - I'm fine, the bergan's fine, the bike's brakes will need a bit of a bodge, but that's not a problem. It's not the physical side that bothers me - it's the moral.

I would have just pedaled into them as fast as I could, like a kamikaze. Then the little pricks would have gotten all wobbly lipped over the creases in their shirts.

I don't think you do have right of way - even on a cycle lane.

If it's not clear to proceed because of pedestrians in the way you have to give way, I believe it's the same as if you are in a car, if it's not clear then you have to stop. Pedestrians have right of way!

However, I hope next time you will ring your bell*, speed up and take out as many of the fookers as you can! Try and give them some oily chain/mud to think about too - always goes well with a suit! :D


* Please don't use your bell if you know it's the same knobbers from today's little incident!


Should have kamikazi'd it. Ride your bike into either the second or third bloke whilst taking your hands off the handle bars to punch the two blokes left and right of him. No 4 would have shit himself and ran off. You then have about 3 seconds to get off the floor and run like f*ck before the other three realise what's happened and their mate comes back to help them.

Generally you lose the boke but hey......think of the satisfaction you'd have laughing like a drain as you made large swastikas down the street.
CC_TA said:

I don't think you do have right of way - even on a cycle lane....
A cyclist has right of way on the side that is designated for use by cycles according to the Road Traffic Act. This is covered in the Highway Code 13: Routes shared with cyclists. Cycle tracks may run alongside footpaths, with a dividing line segregating the two. Keep to the section for pedestrians. Take extra care where cyclists and pedestrians share the same path without separation (see Rule 48).
. A pedestrian can officially be done for causing an obstruction but obviously this would be very hard to prove.

On a bridleway though this isn't the case as cyclists are classed as permissive users and must give way to pedestrians and horse riders.
one way , work out who they are, where they are employed, work out thier routine and when the time is right, mask on, baseball bat out , mushed brains all round, bit violent i know but satisfying .

or better still a less violent solution, put sugar in their cars,fuel tank, nails under each tyre, tye a rope round the exhaust pipe to a lamp post.

stand back and watch for complete wobbly lip moment on their part.

semper said:
or better still a less violent solution, put sugar in their cars,fuel tank, nails under each tyre, tye a rope round the exhaust pipe to a lamp post.
Some gits got my car with that on Saturday!

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