8O WoW! that must have been at least a three on the outrage-o-matic...

Not outrageously outraged but outraged enough to be harmful to small organisms and funghi which might happen to cross your path.
RiflemanKnobber said:
Err, without being snotty Gundulph,

Already been done
:roll: Check the DTG stamps on the posts. Still, I remain outraged that you abuse me without cause, so I'm happy.
Quite a paradox there...Does that mean you're outrageously happy :?

Thanks for not being snotty. I do concede that you did get in there first however fail to see the abuse in my thread. I will however offer my sincere apolofies for any outrage caused, no matter how unintentionally!!

Kind regards



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arby said:
Im outraged that the gorilla sex thread died so quickly. I thought that had potential.
Indeed. I'd have thought gorillas had a decent level of stamina.


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Whatever happened to the gorilla thread?


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I am outraged that we can't seem to get one thread running on one topic. Outrageous!!


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Have it you hairy slaaaaagg!

RiflemanKnobber said:
Would a picture of gorillas having sex be acceptable? What and where are the limits for 'garment acceptability' at the check-in?
Rifleman, PM me, I have a collection of videos you may be interested in. Do you like Kangaroos?

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