Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BIPOLAR77, Jul 11, 2012.

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  1. Why use a sniper rifle? Can't you just grab a kitchen knife and slash your wrists?
  2. bore off fella
  3. I blame the Jews.
  4. They are the cause of all the problems in Germany and Europe, the economic crisis, the middle east and much more. Something should be done about them Jews.
  5. I agree. They are also responsible for the death of Jeezus, the high crime rate in victorian London, the huge amounts of speed cameras littering our roads, my milk going off, why my dog keeps taking up so much space on the bed, homelessness, the failing education standards and the illegal immigration problem... Probably.

    Something SHOULD be done. Why has nobody thought of this before?
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  6. Don't forget they're shape shifters as well.
  7. Well we could always throw them down a well

  8. Sure thata not a reprint from East Germany and the Stasi?
  9. Price of gas nowadays is shocking but there are more wells than ever according to a recent poll.
  10. My God, this is just like something UK PLC would do, just with no hope of England winning the match.