Outrage!,wheres the bus?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Le_addeur_noir, Dec 27, 2008.

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  1. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

  2. Well if you reference bullsh1t like this then you deserve the incoming you draw.

    To get on IB you don't just turn up at the docs on a monday morning and get issued the wherewithal. First, for 26 weeks you have to go on sick chits and see specialists who are pretty good at their subjects - that's why they are called specialists. There aren't many who are going to be fooled by scroungers - it happens of course, but they are one offs rather than the norm.

    After that a huge form has to be filled in, with specialists and GPs names having to go into it - both of whom have to give an assessment of the illness. Finally you have to be examined by an independent doctor.

    To suggest that the vast majority of those on IB are swinging the lead(and that it is a Labour party construct) is to suggest wholesale collusion of the doctoring class. Such a suggestion is laughable, as is this article.
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    What about the fact that this couples' Asylum claim in the UK is almost certainly bogus? Factor that into the equation, then you have a state that postively encourages 3rd world economic/better life migrancy, malingering and state benefits thievery.
  4. This article may be representative of a biased viewpoint, but it isn't untrue. In some of the outskirts of Lincoln this kind of family is common. Girls of 12-16 are often seen with pushchairs, while 10 year old boys hang around swigging cans of cider all day, with nothing better to do, and no role models to look up to or break the inevitable repeat of the cycle. All this is prevalent in a town which I have known well for years, god knows how many towns across the land are the same or even worse.

    Too many people are downplaying this kind of story as a made up product of the media. Unfortunately, as we now enter the era of 4th and 5th generation benefit fraudsters, we face the prospect of losing our identity, as well as our money.
  5. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    They say the thruth hurts...
  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Yes Congo is such a peaceful place why on earth would anyone seek asylum from there?
  7. i pay tax for a service i have no bleed on other then the plod who keep me safe in bed, so why the fuck should we pay for these pricks??

    my back hurts when i lift things...sit and pack smarties..my legs hurt when i sit too long, become mpgs (they lay about doing fuk all!!...awaiting bite)

    lazy arse britain has forgotten why we was great and is settling for less then good!! if they got no money would they breed? if so would the young survive?? no, survival of the fittest urban style!
  8. If you want dole, then you should work. A fair(ish) days wage for a fair days work.

    The guy is blind.... has he even started to learn brail? Is he registered for a guide dog? No, then he can p1ss off.

    Even if he blind, he could help pull the cart for the road killer picker upperers, or the cart of nice paint to cover graffiti.

    Shes come over and started pumping out sprogs like no tommorrow. apparently he isn´t too blind to do that then.

    And the drinking brings me to my point on tokens for teh payment of dole. THen there would be more to spend on clothes and food and less on crack and beer.

    Oh, and we should only support a maximumo f two kids at a time for each pair. That should stop the overpopulation problems
  9. Utter bollox.
    Whats more Sven, you know it is utter bollox.
    There are thousands upon thousands of claimants out there who will do just about anything to stay on incapacity benefits.
    A few years ago I was off on the sick for a little while, when I wanted to come off it and find a job the Jobcentre actually tried to talk me out of it. I wanted the Jobcentre to fufill its function and help me find a job, they wanted me to stay on the sick so I wasn't cluttering the place up and being on the unemployed list.

    Couldn't care less what mess the Congo is in. It simply is not our problem and we should not have to pay to suport this sponger, he can fukk off somewhere else for his mealticket.
    The workshy lazy bastard has no place being here while a pay for his widescreen television and nice lifestyle.
  10. *Inserts the keys into the ignition of the outrage bus and starts it up*

    I pay about a third of my pay in taxes each month in Tax.

    My car is insured and legal in all respects (although it has done 100k miles in 6 years - can't afford to replace it).

    But as I move every 2 years as part of my job some councils (and this has happened to me!) refer to military families as 'transients' and class us with pikeys/gypos. Dentist - forget it. Doctor - difficult.

    And because I support my family financially I have a 10 year old TV, no Sky package and can't afford a 48" plasma, let alone the 'leccy to power it.

    Where do I sign on again?

    Oh yes, my self respect and desire not to be a complete waster tw@t prevents me.

    If you want 'free-money' then get of your arrse and earn it by being useful to the society that provides it.

    *pulling into the first stop on the latest outrage tour for another driver*
  11. Chocolate Frog and Jagman: spot on.

    One day saver for the Outrage Bus, please. :evil:
  12. Sven you absolute f*cktard, although you probably have more empirical knowledge and 'insight' into the claiming benefits procedure than most on here I am at a loss as to how you feel able to pontificate on the DM article.

    I suppose you would also argue that retrospectively, Karen Matthews was deserved of all her benefits as she has now proven to be quite clearly wrong in the head.

    Your comments on the 26 week rule may be true in theory but there are many loopholes to exploit (as you are no doubt VERY aware).

    My source for my opinion...My wife who works at DWP.
  13. Pass up my jimpy, I'll go top cover.
  14. One problem, now which employers are having is the gradual introduction of the formerly workshy into the workplace. Since Oct 27th this year Incapacity benefit is being slowly phased out. Whereas formerly a doctor would just sign somebody off sick carte blanche they are now assessed on what type of work could they be fit for. They have to attend compulsory independant medicals and lose a 3rd of their benefits if they fail to attend. They are also required to attend "job focussed interviews". The DWP also pay for training courses such as SIA licencing course or forklift etc.

    Now where the problem arises...many of those who are "forced" back into work are quite socially and educationally inept. They are also quite bitter about having to work and actively seek to show they are unfit for that particular work. There are many loopholes still with the new ESA system and they are known about. If a former dole dosser wishes to remain "in the system" it is really quite easy at the moment. It just causes their current employers undue hassle. I am actually quite wary of anybody we take on directly from the jobcentre without a good work history for that very reason.
  15. Simple really to solve this...

    Everyone listening? Including the government?

    Person goes to dole office.... "I have no money".

    They get 100 days to sort their sh1t out. The dole will pay (direct any household bills or what not), savings are NOT taken in to consideration. Not for the workshy, but why should those who have genuinely been buggered be hammered? If neccesary a Debt consolidation programme may be entered into.

    Money to live on is handed out in tokens mainly... for food and clothing. Drinkypoos and drugs can be bought by cash. A small amount of cash is given.

    On day 101 the claimer HAS to get their ArRSe down to the dole office. Here they can be assessed as to what work they CAN do. Or what training or support they may need. (Think the mines shutting down, there is no point sending miners to work in, say, telesales).

    The bloke above may be blind, but he can sit on the end of a phone, and take phonecalls for the "cone hotline" or make up a job... phone line for damaged street lights? I want 12k+ worth of work out of this fcuker.

    Bins can be emptied DAILY using hand drawn carts.. quiet and ecologically sound (criminals get to sort the rubbish, see my manifesto).

    Hand drawn carts can be used to deliver news papers, milk and bread... and why not. And supermarket deliveries.

    From this point on it is simple. The Claimer is OWNED by the Dole office. They turn up and complete allotted tasks. Work for local groups cleaning up the park, graffiti etc. Or for local businesses that need a quick but short surge in workforce (they would pay the government for the work, who in turn pay the dolee).

    Training counts as work, as does sitting in the waiting room waiting for interviews.

    They miss a day? They don´t get paid.

    Simple really.

    They may soon start to realise that getting a proper job is better and the way ahead.

    Kiddies go to a creche, so parents can work.

    Drug tests become mandatory, as does breathlyser checks if needed.

    Only two kids are recognised by the state. Anymore and they are paid for by the couple. By couple I mean the name on the birth cert. ie each pair only gets two kids recognised, regardless if they are together or not.

    And the father MUST be named.

    If the claimer doesn´t have a basic level of schooling then off they go to a special high school for thickos.

    Pets are automatically registered under a National Insurance Scheme to look after them. (Chipped and registered). They didn´t choose to be owned by their owners.

    Penalties can be brought in for ASBOs picked up by the family, or kids missing school. Kids would get free meals at school.

    draconian? Yes. But it would sort the spongers out.

    The only person who can´t really be expected to work is some one who can´t move their arms and legs... and even then two words. Steven Hawking.

    Work is handed out according to a strict system of how long the claimer has been claiming (longer the worse the jobs) and how long the claimer has previously paid IN to the system (the longer the better the situation).

    Idea being that a 50 year old bloke, who has worked ALL of his life but recently been made unemployed may actually get away with little orno work.

    The 20 year old spunker, who has not worked EVER gets to unblock the sewers.

    Likewise those who are "sacked" from normal jobs or are seen to deliberatly attempt to fail interviews.

    (ie that fellow from my in laws area that has "Fuck" tattoed on his head purly to avoid gainful employment may obtain a closer working relationship with roadkill than he previously thought he would.

    Or he get´s to work on the motorway at night!!! (See CF Party manifesto on 24/7 working on road works for motorways and time limits for completion of said work ffrom first cone laid to last cone lifted).

    Or he get´s to work on the railway lines or digging out canals.

    It´s all good.