Outrage over 'sexist cartoon' drawn by copper


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Spotter Note: The cartoon obviously didn't originate in the UK as the steering wheel's on the wrong side. I'm glad the PSO is taking this serious offence so seriously- about time they put in for a life. In the old days it was called poking fun and having a laugh. Maybe they can track down the original artist and do him for inciting a laugh as well. Choppers.
What happened to those rozzers who were done over when the CPS kept demanding a report from a police dog 'PC Peach' and in the end they sent one in reading 'I bite bad man, woof' and signed it with a paw-print?
And the token ethnic mp has invoked the abuse of Wimmin card. God (Allah Yewah Mithras Buddha Father Christmas etc) help us.
Maybe they can track down the original artist and do him for inciting a laugh as well. Choppers.

It would be a laugh if the artist is female.


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Surprised Madeline Moon hasn't chipped in asking the Home Office to close down the site. Modern coppers, pffft

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Modern Britain at it's finest!

So glad I don't have to live there.

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Amazing how so much fuss can be made over a cartoon.
Again .

Who is actually offended by it and who is just being offended for the sake of a quote.

My plan of moving to France in a few years takes a step closer, i'll leave this shit pit to the weak, idle and 'vibrantly diverse'


its not the bloody seat belt that outrages me it's the way he's holding the
steering wheel totally incorrect position it should be 10 to 2....
I actually tried this and prevented 4 accidents and a murder!
What more proof do they need that this is not sexist but a real campaign to prevent road accidents and homicide within marriage?
I have started a blog on Twatter to campaign for the enforcement and introduction of this incredible invention, reprimanded, this copper should be knighted!
I worked in the civil service for eight years and the whole system is riddled with useless otherwise unemployable people who spend all their time looking for things to find offence with. They are under employed and to keep their name in the line managers in tray this sort of thing is a dream come true.