Outrage in Oz

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PE4rocks, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. Dear Sir
    There can be no excuse for such a waste of food. Probably.



    Disgusted on the Borders.
  2. Horrible shite that. And to think, all night those chicks are going to smell of cancer and motor oil.

    Not that I wouldn't throw them a length, of course.
  3. I take it that this is (owing to their costumes), just another attempt by the Aussies to claim they won the Ashes, seeing as they can not seem to hang on to the cricket version.

    Never did like vegimite, but might reconsider if that is how it is served.
  4. Mmmm. Suddenly feel very hungry. :p
  5. No! That's just wrong. Have they followed through or something?
  6. Vegemite's 1200% salt, they'll look like bog mummies in seconds. You could use it as a bioweapon, plough the earth with it like the Romans did. No thrush for them!
  7. Cheers Auscam. :x I tried using my imagination and spreading Vegimite on the missus - and got a smack in the puss for my troubles (now where's that smilie with the black eye......)
  8. nice tits on the chubby one - I looked like that once but it was nothing to do with vegamite more like guinness and a curry.
  9. 2nd linky, right hand totty, fake breasts...take her name sarn't major.
  10. outrage!!!!

    wheres the "elf n safety" knee pads and gum sheilds please
  11. Needs to be re-named "VAGimite", any way I love the stuff laid on with a trowel on me morning toast. :D :D
  12. A deft allusion. I've yet to see anyone mention the huge expense that this Republic thing would involve; merely changing the ADF uniform accoutrements would cost millions.
  13. and telephone number and pass them on....