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OUTRAGE: Flying to Scotland? Take your passport..

You can fight for your country but you cannot fly in it.   Can you believe it?  Ryanair should be boycotted for their appalling photo-ID policy for domestic UK flights.

My man and I were astonished to be told that we could not board our Sat am flight from London to Glasgow because Ryanair do not accept an MoD Forces ID card as sufficient for their requirments.  He had a driving licence and other items of ID but his Forces card was the only one with a photo on.  The best bit is that they DO accept National Union of Students ID cards (forgeries of which can be bought very easily for a few quid)!!! or 'National ID cards' which do not exist!

They do not accept Police ID cards either and the police at the airport told my chap they had just had a similiar problem with a marine who had just got back from a tour in Afghanistan and was en route to a wedding in Scotland.  He was not allowed on the flight.

Other airlines such as BA's Go, say that they will not enforce this policy as it is too strict and unworkable in the absence of a Nat ID card system.

If you want to register your disgust with Ryanair... write to their Chief Executive (they don't have an e-mail contact, surprise surprise)..

Michael O’Leary
Chief Executive
Corporate Head Office
Dublin Airport
Co. Dublin


O'Leary doesn't really care about passenger service - see his comments this weekend about luggage left on planes following his disputes with ground handling staff.  I have flown Ryanair to Cork - wouldn't use them again. However EasyJet to Edinburgh was a professional organisation and will get my business again.

I have re-entered UK from USA and Germany on the strength of my ID card - so Ryanair should be told to recognise them.


I ask a couple of questions...1; why would you expect RYANAIR to be FORCES-friendly?? Go back a few decades were the FORCES RYAN-friendly?? 2; How many personnel details did you hubby give this Irish company before presenting his MOD90 as proof of ID??
Maybe it is Ryanair's policy to protect your anonymity!  Not accepting MOD90 as ID means no written record of it...hence securing your safety...just a thought, had you not posed it as an issue here I would have assumed as you did and not have thought twice about it. :)
It's true - the fact that it is Ryanair is not lost on me/us.  
But it's the principle and the fact that the requirements were buried in point 17 of the terms and conditions small print.

Hhhhmmm - I don't think his questioning the policy will endanger him - the (non-Irish) girl on the check-in desk was barely able to string a sentence together.

Maybe we should just have a good old moan about airlines generally.  Cramped seating and bad food could keep us all going on here for years...


I fly to Inverness quite often and I always fly by BA, they may generally cost a few quid more but last time I flew they beat Easyjet by £20. Also with BA I don't have to book 3 months in advance to get their best price, the staff are pleasant, the aircraft are clean and spacious, the booze is free and the food good. They even give you the paper of your choice.
Next time you book a flight try, nearly always a good deal available and they don't use budget airlines that treat you like cattle and don't care if you have a complaint, because as you said, they got it covered in the small print!!  :mad: is also pretty good.  have managed to get some really cheap flights to hannover. £80 return last time which beat friends and family from british midland. is another one to try.
I had a similar problem with GO (hasn't been BA for at least a year now Britchick). I flew to Belfat and back again using my civvi work ID card (yeah I'm a STAB) and then with my work flew to London the next day on the same basis. When I tried to get homw I was told I had to have a national ID card or my passport. MOD 90 was not acceptable to them either. I offered to go home for my passport and they agreed so I said "OK fly me back to Edinburgh so I can get it". sadly the check in staff including the supervisor could hardly speak any English so it was all a bit over their heads. In the end my wife faxed through a copy of my passport but not before I'd missed the last flight home. From now on I go BMI or BA. The price is at least double but at least I kow I'll get the service.


Those proferring MOD 90's to airlines as a form of photo ID (which should be most acceptable in my humble opinion)  are actually being very naughty according to a regular piece on Orders issued in Northern Ireland which specifically say that MOD 90 must never be used as a form of ID at check-in.  It appears it's use is not acceptable either by the MOD or airlines.  Luckily Northern Ireland driving licences have a photo ID counterpart without which I too would have been stranded.

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