Outrage bus,anyone?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Le_addeur_noir, Jan 27, 2011.

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  1. I know it's in the Daily Mail,but this case grips my sh*t.

    Teenager who hurled kitten to its death from 11th floor window is spared jail | Mail Online

    Another cfuking liberal judge who should be shot.

    This smirking bitch should have that mobile stuffed up somewhere the sun does not shine sideways.

    No doubt the taxpayer paid for her defence.

    Any reason why the contents of this bitch's head should not be used re-decorating a wall near where she lives?.
  2. Personally I 'd take the 'orrid little chav **** to the nearest big cat sanctuary and let some of the dead kittens 'cousins' play with her for a bit,... You know, just until she was dead like......
  3. im more suprised the cat died, i mean they always land safely on their feet!

    darwin at work! mong cat
  4. That may be a bit quick,but generally a good idea!.

    I think one fitting punishment is to have this bitch picking up litter whilst wearing a high viz jacket emblazoned with 'I am a moron' for every day for the next 40 years or until her death,which can't come soon enough.
  5. From the 11th floor?.You're hoping a bit,there.
  6. I hate cats, but I can honestly say that I have never deliberately hurt or damaged one. This dozy bint needs to be taken out of circulation for a while to have a little sense of right and wrong knocked into its thick skull.
  7. I think democracy is wonderful, not.

    When will we catch up with the idea that a democratic givernent is meant to have elected representatives in post who pass on and reflct the views of their constituents? Those views would not be a suspended sentence.

    We have shown this woman that she can behave as she wishes, that cruel acts are not too much of a bother to her, and will reap a harvest in future years of her future lack of concern for the children she produces as she becomes a chav breeding bitch.
  8. I fear an uphill struggle,there,mate.

    A cheaper option would be a bullet between the eyes,but I think this is way too quick.

    Perhaps make her dig coal manually for the next few decades?.
  9. The lenient treatment of this bitch and many others like her by the liberal establishment is one of the main reasons why Britain is becoming a failed state.
  10. Just bung her in a cell with on of these...


    We'll soon find out who's higher up the food chain.
  11. You are obviously a cat fancier and therefore in my eyes as mad as reptile fanciers. The death of the cat does not concern me as much as the fact that the cats killer is still walking about loose. She is probably unstable, and whereas your bullet is perhaps a little extreme, a good slap round the back of the head would work wonders.

  12. Well, who would have thought it, surprise surprise. I could have told the stupid thicko magistrates in advance what was going to be said in her defence.

    Quote: Aftab Zahoor, defending, said Ravenall - who has one child and is now three months' pregnant - had come from a broken home and spent her early years in care.
    'She finds it difficult to cope with life and as a result has turned to alcohol to ease the pressure of life,' he said.

    How many ******* times a week do these soft so called magistrates hear this very same shite excuse and accept it as mitigation.

    I'll cure her of all her problems.....I'll hang her out of an 11th floor window, let her have a good long look at the ground, then I'll say "Bye bye you filthy parasite" and video her trying to fly for all the other ***** to watch on YouTube.

  13. cracking picture! and i reckon this beast would win and would be a delight to watch!!!
    those are the kind of cats i likee!!
  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Not really theres some science in falling cats apparently! The rate of survival is greater if thrown from higher up than the 5th storey something to do with reaction times and having all 4 feet facing down!
  15. In addition to the 'outrage' Arrsers, think of your tax money being spent on this sub-human dross!

    I have read some posts requesting the 'Outrage Bus' to be warmed up, but this one needs a whole garage of buses to be warmed up.

    Does anybody know why it is still wandering about collecting her 'benefits'?