Outrage bus alert - Sl@g rips of war vet uncle

scoobydont said:
Would you still fire up the outrage bus if her uncle had not been a war vet?
Stop trying to be clever, this is supposed to be a forces site so naturally the affinity will always be with issues that are related to the main readership of the site.

Outrageous yes, not sure what can be done though.

Bad that it has happened at all
Worse that it was to an old and vulnerable bloke
Even worse still that he was a veteran
pacestick said:
anyway - £5 ucking quid is all she had to pay back and then complains that the "system" can't help him.... :roll:
Errr...that bit's from a different niece.
pacestick said:

hopefully not already done :oops:

anyway - £5 ucking quid is all she had to pay back and then complains that the "system" can't help him.... :roll:
Hayley Price, 42, of Blaenavon, Torfaen, cooked and cleaned for D-Day veteran Arthur Edwards, while writing herself 154 fraudulent cheques.
His niece Jayne Edwards said: "He will never see his money again and the fact that a member of his own family stole from him is very sad.

"I'm disappointed for my uncle that the system doesn't allow for him to get the money back."
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It was theft but on the other hand, if he had had to go into residential care 11 years ago because there was no one to look after him it would have cost him £211,200 at current rates.......
vvaannmmaann said:
I heard this on the wireless at lunchtime.I didn't see the relevence of mentioning his war service.
For the same reason when a serving or former serving soldier does something wrong the media make a point of stating the affiliation, makes for another angle and possibly slightly more interesting reading. Media manipulation, get the public fired up.
She did cook, clean and visit him everyday for 11 years, not that it makes it OK to steal but I think if I was him I wouldn't be bitter at all, I'd have left the money to her anyway...just saying.


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the_matelot said:
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Yes, but you put so much more effort into it :lol: Take a Gold Star :wink:
thats less than £4 grand a year.
bstard thing to do but cheaper than a home help :(

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