Outlook express not responding

I've done a search of the site and can't find anything on this.

I recieve e mails by outlook express but when I send one it goes into the outbox and the compter then freezes.The header at the top shows Outlook express not responding

This isn't a new setup,the computer is about two years old with windows xp and has worked well up until Friday.I've tried a google search but none of the soutions have worked.

I have anti virus and that is up to date and not showing any threats.
The internet is working fine.

Help please,any ideas?
twosugarsnomilk, you could also make sure that the account is authenticated, you will find the tick box under Accounts, Properties, Servers, it is at the bottom. Some servers require this to ensure you are not spamming :) Once you send the server may be checking for authentiacation and hanging if the box is not ticked.

This sounds very like what happened to me a while ago running XP. However, I can't help you with OE as my solution was to install Thunderbird and let it import all my addresses and mail files.

This can be a slippery slope though, it was the start of a move to open source that now ses me boot XP for gaming and nothing else.

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