"Outlaws" movie?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ex-Ten, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. Saw a trailer for this 2007 movie, Sean Bean wearing the "beret ferocious" and lots of mayhem.

    Anyone seen it and is it worth the £2 the DVD will cost?

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  2. No. I watched less than 10 mins & binned it.
  3. Concisely summed up, thank you!

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  4. It's ****.
  5. That good eh?

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  6. It got torn to shreds on rottentomatoes, but I thought it was good.
  7. I sat through it all at the cinema as it was pissing down and I'd left my house key on the train. It was that or go to the bitch in laws for the spare key. I chose the cinema to kill a few hours until the wife got home.
    I wished I'd got wet instead. ******* shit film, first thing I'd seen with Danny I'm a **** Dyer. Always a guarantee of dross shite I've found since.
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  8. Also starring Danny Dire, Professional geezer . Really not worth the 2 quid mate
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  9. I thought 'The Business' was the only half decent one DD was in......allllwight maaaaaaaaaaaaate!, proper naughty, etc, etc
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  10. So you watched Outlaws to escape the Inlaws? There's a gag in there... somewhere... I think.
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  11. The jury has spoken, Outlaw it isn't then.


    PS I did enjoy Harry Brown, Michael Caine as a pensioner Royal Marine. Last of the Summer Wine meets Death Wish!
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  12. I watched it all the way through to see if it got any better at all, it didn't, apart from where they start getting shot. The worst bit is where Danny 'professional geezer' Dire, doesn't die.
  13. its like a walts and wannabes manifesto against criminality, awful truly awful. Thought Danny Dyers wife was fit.
  14. I cannot believe anyone's so poor that they have to ask the prudence of buying a DVD for £2.00

    I think I've wasted more petrol by overfilling after the pump clicked off, and spilled it all over my brogues.
  15. if you light your shoes, sausage dog can literally go woof!!!!!!

    sorry it would have kept me awake all night if i didnt say it!
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