"Outlaw" the film, two characters are Engineers...

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Nightrained, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. I just thought I'd mention this, as I went to see Outlaw tonight, although being an average film Sean Bean and Bob Hoskins play, serving and retired Engineers.

    Although Sean is seen at the start as a para wearing parachute regiment capbadge he is later mentioned being an Engineer. There's a mistake somewhere there. And the Bob Hoskins plays a cop who "Was in the Royal Engineers for 5 years" and that's a good enough reason to be in a gang to beat up chavs :threaten: :thumright:

    I thought it was a nice little surprise. Although, this is NOT a military film before any of you plan to see it, expecting that. Sean Bean back from Iraq is on leave, and starts a gang to take the law into his own hands against chavs, murderers and drug dealers. It had potential, but the last 30-45 mins was a bit plot confusing and a bit of a downer in general.

    Just thought I'd mention it, don't think we've been mentioned in a big film lately.
  2. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Apart from Corrie, they were Para Engineers.
  3. I don't remember it saying Sean Bean was RE? Bob Hoskins yes, but not Sean Bean.

    Great Storyline, Great Potential, Shite film.

  4. I second that
  5. What a shite b0llocks film, lost the plot totally.
    Was disapointed in Beans character - loo-oser. And whats with the Walt security guard? Shows how dangerous these Mitty's are.
    Not a patch on Charley Bronson's vigilante.
  6. Thing is mate, theres some like that!
  7. Anyway...only Bob Hoskins character was an Engineer, Sean Bean was Para...I did chuckle though when his character slated Tony Bliar calling him a Cnut, quality. shit film tho - IMHO
  8. Oh yes, never quite got started and then I was begging for it to finish. Could have been SOOOOOO much better :shakefist:
  9. Cant beat dead mens shoes at the end of day, awesome film.
  10. yeah agree there, thought it was going to be p1sh (channel 4 film) but actually turned out to be a good watch.
  11. Didn't Bob Hoskins say to him "where have you been with the Engineers" And sean bean said something like "Falklands, IraQ... Doesn't matter, just get to the point" ?
  12. hey up nighttrained pass your pft yet???
  13. Nope. He said "Para"......(looking at a Tattoo I assume), Sean said "yes", and then he said "Where did you serve".
  14. Just watched it last night, what a bag of sh*t!
  15. So your point is about the engineers? Who gives two C*aps? Its hardly publicity unless you want a load of walt vigilantes joining your MOB. He could have been any other unit. If he was royal signals he would probably have more of a clue how to corrupt CCTV video with magnets or heat rather than leaving it around his house for the smack heads to get hold of and finger Bean.

    On another point, the film had so much potential and could have delivered so many messages. When I was in the cinema you could hear the Burberry crew's chair creaking as they became ever more uncomfortable. If that film glorified vigilantes a bit more then I think there might have been trouble on the streets. I liked the bit in the bar, I thought they were going to knock ten s@its out of those cockney wa*kers but they got their heads caved in....but fair one they got up and laughed it off, Personally I would have went for another pint.