Outlaw starring Sean Bean.Any good?


In two minds whether or not to go and see the new fightfest Outlaw or that disney film meet the robinsons(?) Outlaw any good? I liked Football "charv fest" factory and "green "bit over the top" street, but also think finding Nemo and Happy Feet are works of art?
Great Idea, shitly done.

Wait for it to come out on DVD.


Not worth a trip to the cinema to see, it starts off ok but I thought it was going to be more of a commentary on how society is collapsing and how people feel let down by the powers that be, but it ends up turning into a revenge movie against a gangster and his corrupt copper mate. Oh and the constant shaky camera work (to give it that documentry feel) is really distracting, I was starting to feel motion sick by the end. One for DVD I think.


It was okay but prob best for DVD. As Monkfish says its not what was expected.

If you have a slightly squemish girlfriend though it becomes very entertaining watching her going green as you hear bones being broken :lol:


Shite ending as well, not as good as The Football Factory or The Business.


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Brilliant premise for the story, badly done. It seemed to me that it had only been half made, as large chunks of story were left to the viewer to imagine. It could have done with being about 45 minutes longer to flesh out the story and fill the bloody great gaps in the narrative, and the cameraman should have been given a bloody tripod.


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Bad_Crow said:
A load of dump!
Yup, I agree with that. The biggest waste of money I have ever spent in my life. I can't believe anyone stumped up cash to make such a shit film. Everyone involved in the making of that film should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.
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The whole camera shaky thing was a bit too "Saving Private Ryan". Spielburg used handhelds so you would think you were there; and it worked. The idea was pushed to far in this film and the notion that Sean Bean could step off a flight from Afghanistan (as the only passenger) with a bergan full AKs and pistols is laughable. The plot holes were huge, some film ask you to suspend reality for a little while (james Bond, Harry Potter) but this was taking the piff.

Bean has now done to many voiceovers. I kept expecting him to tell us "A free magazine and cleaning kit with your AK47. Reason 762 to shop at Morrisons." Or call "200 minutes of threatening phonecalls to nonces; only with o2"

And he still doesn't know what colour the boathouse at Hereford is!!!!

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Personally, I thought the movie was going to be pooh from the get go. Chasing after chav's with AK's? Nice idea but you'd be arrested in a spit. And the chav would get a holiday to get over it all. Honestly, the UK may be shit but its not that shit.. Its not like, Mexico or somewhere... (Well except Leicester).
Saw it today on dvd and what a waste- mine watching it and the way what was a good idea was turned into a film!

You may get "outlaws" taking on villans but the "Bonny and Clyde" style end was a cop out.
Just what were the producers thinking of?
The potential was high but the end product didn't seem to know what it wanted to show


Have to agree, Outlaw is a load of crap. Camera made me feel seasick. I only watched till the end because Mrs nogg was winging so much about it.

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