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I stumbled acroos a walt of late. Yesterday I outed him at my local. He was in uniform. (CDN. Navy). Some sort of reservist, I think. Anyways, last time I saw him he was spouting off about all his "tours". So, interested, I asked what tours he'd been on. He spouted off a bunch of nonsense, but I being pished, let it go and stored it away for future knowledge, leaving with a "Good day, Mr. Mitty" So I see him yesterday , and he's mad about my snide remarks from before. Not wanting (God knows why...) to embarrass him and the uniform in front of the punters, I followed him outside and busted him. He got FURIOUS, creeching "I'm very fcking proud of all 5 of my tours! Just 'cause I'm not some fckin groundpounder...." 5 tours... @ 25 yrs. old. I told him to bring in his gongs next time, to which he replied " ...nothing to prove ...blah...blah" and hopped in his Prius and peeled off.Now, if he'd been for real, I figure he would have taken a swing at me. But all I got was whining, self-righteous indignation. It was very satisfying. My question is, can I name him on this forum? Maybe someone from his unit will see it, and prolong Mr. Mitty's humiliation.(as he will certainly be avoiding that tavern from now on.)If it's verboten to name him, please let me know. I will photogragh him next time I see him. Cheers, lads. -Flagrantviolator :twisted:
More to the point, how the fcuk can you peel off in a Prius?
Said he was in Yugo '94. So I asked IFOR or SFOR, trying to trap him. Said he didn't know.Besides, this clown would have been a cadet (at best) in '94.None of his "tours" were anything I've ever remotely heard of.
niner_domestic said:
Can you describe the uniform? Was it DEUs? NCDs? Salt and peppers? Rank? Location of pers? Names of tours?
Yep. Navy Work Dress. Blue Shirt. Leading Seaman. Ottawa. Said last tour was "NPS-NATO".
Flagrantviolator said:
niner_domestic said:
Can you describe the uniform? Was it DEUs? NCDs? Salt and peppers? Rank? Location of pers? Names of tours?
Yep. Navy Work Dress. Blue Shirt. Leading Seaman. Ottawa. Said last tour was "NPS-NATO".
Also, if he were around in '94, he would have had a CD. Which he was lacking.
Well if he is a reservist, he may not have put in enough time for a CD. Reserve time is not one for one year of service as is RegF - breaks in contracts and/or just doing training nights will take longer to accrue the necessary time. However, his age is a bit of a concern. We like to start them young, but not bloody in short pants.

We don't wear our ribbons on our work dress. So I'm not sure how you can assume he does or doesn't have a CD. Can you clarify please?
Sorry, there ,niner; have to call BS on your last. 12 yrs. meritorious service gets the gong-forces wide. DND would have a hard time justifying parralel rules , given Total-Farce concept and all. What about the tour mentioned, ever heard of it. I'm not up on the Navy stuff, but it didn't ring true.
Sorry for being a mong (it is early on a Saturday, though!) but what's this CD for 12 years meritorious service? For that matter, what is the definition of 'meritorious'? It sounds like something commendable which may explain why I ain't got a CD!

Fcuking weather!!! Sorry, off thread, just a personal rant! Stone, lift, under, gone...
Howdy All,

The CD stands for Canadian Forces Decoration. Why isn't it CFD? How the Hell should I know, but that's what the rules say. Read'em at http://www.dnd.ca/hr/dhh/honours_awards/engraph/med1_e.asp?cat=3

Anyway, the CD is a 12-year long service, 8-year good conduct medal, combined. I could read you the rules from A-PM-245-001/FP-001 Chap 18, however, I figure you will take my word on it from here.

I can't speak about the gentleman in question. He may be a walt, then again, he may not. I just don't know. That said, many a fellow in the Canadian Forces Maritime Command (our Navy) serves on many a tour, yet doesn't see a medal. In short, medals just don't tell the whole story. Maybe he was aboard ship for 150 days or so in an area, then was medevac'ed. For most tours 180 days is required, hence, no medal. As well, if the ship itself leaves an area of ops after 179 days, sorry, no medal.

I am not saying that this must be the case in this fellows situation. But many explanations are possible. And, if someone challenged me about a tour and I didn't have my medals on me (gee, like I always do), I would tell him to pound salt as well.

Just my thoughts, maybe I am off base here. But I would rather a walt slip by than slag someone that has actually been and done. Just me, and just my call. I await incoming.

Edited to add: Absolutely no disrespect meant to flagrantviolator. I hate walts and think outing them is a service all-round. And I do not mean to imply a lack of research on his/her part. After all, that is what he/she posted here for, so well done on that. Just trying to give some nation-specific perspective.
Au Contaire FV. There is a formula for calculating PRes time in for a CD located at: CFP 245 Supp 1. However, one could argue that according to CFAO 18-9 as long as buddy was PRes, active and not NES, then all his time appears to count. But since your level of inquiry to the said LS stopped short of gathering significant details on his service so that an accurate determination as to whether there is or has been an award of the CD, we'll never know as we're bound to remain in the realm of guessing and speculation.

I think I'm more appalled that you expected a member of the CF to break down and behave like a thug because you challenged him. I hope that now your head has cleared and you're not pished that you'd see the errors of thinking like a ******** that that would have resolved anything.

If you are a member of the CF, expecting a colleague to beat the crap out of you to answer a walt question is simply behaviour that is not tolerated in the CF and you know that. Period.

If you are a visiting military member, picking a fight with anyone whether they be a CF member or civvy is a sure fired way to see yourself on the next transport out of there. Is your career really worth taking it on the chin because of a walt outing? Give your head a shake.

If you are that concerned about buddy boy, then get his name, rank and call the Cox'n at the Res Unit and drop a dime on him. If you keep following him around, you may find yourself explaining yourself to the lovely boys in blue and a JP if you have no legitimate reason or tasking to do so. And trust me, if you explained to them the details like you did on here, they'd be throwing away the key as you have nothing substantial in which to base your opinion. You'd be seen as nothing more than an antagonist, so you best have something more tangible than 5 tours and 25 years old and your spidey senses.

If you decide to take a picture of this pers and post it on an open forum without his permission... what part of PERSEC didn't you get? Whether you believe him or not, he is still a serving member in the CF. That should have been your answer right there about names or pics.

Now since I am in Ottawa, I'd be more than happy to trot along to the said tavern and have a look see myself. I'll even bring a couple of fellow sailors.
canteen_cowboy said:
i have a feeling this could be a Canadian?

moving to multinational forum where they might understand it a bit better :wink:
Sensible as ever Canteen, was getting a bit confused.

Im getting a bit sick of this somebody was down the pub and dared to mention he was ex services HE MUST BE A WALT threads.

If you look most the people saying this arent even serving now, or never served. I take it that everyone is guilty until proved innocent.
Do we need to carry our pamphet print everywhere in future (or JPA equivalent)
As for PerSec, of course you're right. Maybe this guy DID a tour or 2. But from the smarmy "I'm not at liberty to discuss details... wink wink " way of going about it, to the hot bartender, I take him for a walt. BTW, when he was firing off about his secret missions, he was in civvies. If he were in uniform I could understand that maybe someone asked about tours, but this was pretty obviously just trying to score a broad.As for the gong, who knows.If he were NES for long, he'd get the boot, so I don't see how that figures into your calculations... As per thuggery, yeah I guess that was unreasonable, and would merit A 119.If you want to visit, it's the Royal Britannia Pub, on Carling Ave.Cheers
...hopped in his Prius and peeled off.
A Prius? Christ if that isn't emasculating enough...
If hes 25 years old now...theres no way he would have gone on tours in 94. He would have been 12 then. Unless my maths are that bad??
Approx. Definately NOT 30, even.
So let me get ths straight, first you say he was in uniform in a pub...

Flagrantviolator said:
I stumbled acroos a walt of late. Yesterday I outed him at my local. He was in uniform. (CDN. Navy). Some sort of reservist, I think. (snip) Not wanting (God knows why...) to embarrass him and the uniform in front of the punters, I followed him outside and busted him. (more snips) -Flagrantviolator :twisted:
Then I asked you to describe the Uniform and you said...

Flagrantvoilator said:
Yep. Navy Work Dress. Blue Shirt. Leading Seaman. Ottawa. Said last tour was "NPS-NATO".
Then you said he was in civvies

Flagrantviolator'] BTW said:
5 tours... @ 25 yrs. old"
Now you're not sure how old he is but assume that he's not over 30.

Flagrantvoilator said:
Approx. Definately NOT 30, even.

So through your beer googles, you have decided that this guy is a walt because a) you walked in to the middle of a conversation in a bar where booze is being consumed and everyone know that dicks, jobs and staying power are greatly over estimated, b) you have no idea what's the real story on this guy except what your beer goggles are telling you, c) you got annoyed because of his cheesy pick up lines to a bar bird, d) you can't judge age worth squat (however, if you have a tendancy to underage someone, I could use an ego booster at some point so stay in touch), e) your INT gathering abilities suck the big one - except you can ID a car's make - however why anyone with any self respect would admit to even knowing what a Prius looks like I have no idea), f) you didn't see a set of gongs on a civvy outfit or on a set of NCDs, and g) the guy wouldn't beat you to an inch of your life to preserve his rep...

Jaysus wept, this is starting to sound like a freaking hardcheese whinge over some bloke that shot his mouth off to a bird in a bar and you lost out in getting your freaking leg over her.
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