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Outing Walts has spread to facebook

Yeah, they're a top group. Go on line now and you can see them hounding a 16 year old who pretends he's a helo pilot. No uniforms, no medals. Nothing I didn't do to impress the birds when I was in. Oh, and also include 'Submarine Captain' and 'Fighter Pilot'.

Fucking Class. Not.

Absolute deluded Walt 'Witchfinder General' Type Bellthronks. Yes.:pissedoff:


Book Reviewer
"JJWelsh77" "Location - Newcastle.

Fuck off and die in a chip fire before we put your antics up on a big screen in a proper Welsh rugby club. Like we did last time. And the next time you take the name of Newcastle in vain I will post a picture of your leaders twat-rotted French bird. Or one of that fat bloater posing under a bulls arse. With a bulls arse.

Get good or get to fuck.
I'm sorry TheIronDuke, but you must have me confused with someone else here because I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I don't know about a last time since I am new here? :scratch:
i say,, your a tad upset some of you,,its blommin facebook,, some on there beleave its real life,, now what was it that Winner used to say ? :p
Bugger....you lot have put me off my stride now....I was just sent a piccie on Faceache of a potential Walt who did hostage rescues in Lebanon but I'm not going to show you now as you're all cruel!
In regards to my Twitter quote, I will say I'm not in the Army, I'm currently in the ATC on the Lunior Leaders course, it just so happens that we are organised into sections. Also that quote is from a game I have played that I particulary like so it's harmless. :relax:

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