Outing rmp walt

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Hi All

I'm trying to get to the bottom of some potential walting from a guy who reckons he's ex RMP. Name of "G" he lives in Nottingham. Polish surname. Given his age, would have thought he served early 70s ish.

PM me if yoy have any leads.



Whats the name of those little silver/grey coloured things only a couple of mill across, that you find under rocks and stones when you disturb them.
Is it Mr Trebus? He was most certainly a Womble Walt.
Ok I know lots of RMP having served from 1970-86. We had lots of chaps with Polish names, Sobot****, Mazur***, Skibin***,Nowoszel***, any of these ring a bellski!!
Cheers guys. I put my query on both threads to provoke a wider response. Should have anticipated the slagging. Anyway - the guy in question is G*****ski.
Think I know who you mean. If I knew how to send a private message I would. If I have the right bloke his history doesn't stand discussion in an open forum!
I've had him. He was shit.
He said you smelt of moist compost 'down there' and trumped the theme tune to Who Dares Wins when you shot your bolt.

Sent from my sticky semen stained digits.
I just PMd you with some info
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