Outing Devil_Dog

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Jupiter_Jones, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Recent posts by the one who calls himself Devil_Dog seem to point to a rather disturbed individual. Some of his posts are rather out of this world like the blow-by-blow account of the troubles he has with his wife, mother and mother-in-law.

    So I ask, should he be branded a O2 thief as some have suggested?

    I say, keep him on. He might be a bullshitter but he is a damn good one!

    If anything, he should stay on as a counterpunch to Trip_Wire. :)
  2. Yawn...

    Why the fervor to "out" kids? They know they're cnuts and it stands out like a dogs balls to everyone with any sense...
  3. First of all, I did not know there is an organized campaign to discredit my good name and drag it through the mud.

    Secondly, I am no "bullshitter" as you so ignorantly called me. I have always stood by my word and have always provided the necessary material to back my every allegation.

    Thirdly, me and Trip_Wire get along famously. If I had known him when I was getting married, he would have been the best man at my wedding. I suspect his absence from said ceremony is partly to blame for my current misfortunes.

    That said, any attempt to ban me from this forums will result in a backlash from the general public who have consistently sent me messages of support via pm.

    This whole affair smacks of a vast right wing conspiracy to tether and muzzle the freedoms of expression that set us apart from the forms of goverments that we all abhor. I suspect Chairborne Haircrew is part of this nefarious conspiracy.

    Let freedom ring!!
  4. I don't know whether D_D is schizoid, playing Devil's Advocate or a mechanical clock maintenance operative (wind-up merchant). But I have sussed that he's not what he seems (I think).

    Under different circumstances, I'd go along with O2T or troll, but as I don't think either of these truly fits the bill, I'd say leave him alone.

    I quite like the reverse psychology in his posts.
  5. Hes a penis with the brain of a used tampon.

    Arrse needs people like him. Not sure why.....but it does.
  6. Shite there's a lot of flaming on this forum.

  7. The campaign is run by you, you fucking idiot.

    Your posts read like a colouring in book.
  8. Devil dog and his missus;

  9. The-Lord-Flasheart, I suspect you have issues that transcend your sexual insecurities. Comparing me to a used tampon is no better than me calling you a secret homo wrapped around a s.hit filled blanket of vomit.

    Now run home to mommy, you idiot.

  10. Naaa. I think I'll run home to yours;

    She sounds like a right slag. :wink:
  11. DDs mum is in for a crap night, compared to the evening of buggery I gave her last night

  12. I'll fist her. She likes that by all accounts.

    She has a cunt like a hippos foreskin.

    (DDs missus used to fist her but they arent on speaking terms anymore)
  13. For entertainment/interesting perspective factor, I'd say give the bloke a chance.

    and who the fcuk are you, anyway?
  14. I like his avatar too much for him to have an 02 badge.

    Edited to add i'd rather read dd's posts than yours jupiter :D
  15. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yours turns me on, nag on a minute while I just have a quick chat with the five maidens . . . :twisted: