Outing a Walt

Victorian_Major said:
STOP PRESS – Walts on Parade!

ARRSErs in the Redhill Area have a great opportunity to spot the uber-walts the Legion of Frontiersmen in their walting environment this weekend!

Carnival Parade. Over a one mile route from Noke Drive to the Memorial Park, via Marketfield Way and Cromwell Road, the parade will be led by Lollipop Ladies and Gentlemen escorted by the Legion of Frontiersmen and will feature: A samba band, marching bands, pipers and a jazz band, baton twirlers, floats and vintage and classic vehicles. Its arrival will launch the Family Fun Day.

Providing an escort no less. I hope it doesn’t break down.

Please lets have some pictures.
So there won't be many LOFers turning up then - you can only get 4 into an escort (unless they bunch up in the back!) ;-) :D :D
Try the International Bodyguard Association, I have done two defensive driving courses with them and they were very good.

It would be interesting to know when your man was supposed to be in Bosnia. Was he saying he was in SF in Bosnia? I'm certainly nothing 'special' but I did have some involvement with 'them' and other types whilst on my tour/s. They had a couple of locations around Sarajevo and further up North.

You would be able to find out how legit he is based upon his knowledge of these two locations. The one in Sarajevo was quite distinct. The location further North was only populated by two small elements of Brits. If he can tell you the location, the two units and what was hanging above the bar door I would say his story was plausable. PM me for the answers. We can certainly gain more detail from him after/if he gets through this.
Ask him which Sqn stormed the Embassy in London. If he doesnt know the answer off the top of his head he's a walt.
PM me if you dont know the answer.
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