Outing a Walt

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pots359v, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys, bit of help required.

    I am currently working in a primarily civvie environment. However, there is a new lad in the office who claims to have done this and that. No big drama there, the girls are all over him and he is loving it, good on him. However, and this is where I have a problem, he is spinning his war stories like nobody's buisness. I have a medal for this and a medal for that. Now we all have medals of various types and nos, but the dits he is spinning just dont ring true.

    Before I go on we are all in civvies, even though still serving. I have kept my mouth shut so far and am happy for him to live it large, even though he claims to have come from an SF background. He is bringing his 'War' medals in soon. One of which is the UNPROFOR medal for Bosnia, is there an easy way to tell if it is fake, do you get engraving round the rim etc, I know to look for copy stamped on it somewhere, but if I could just ask him his no etc and mention it is/isnt engraved would hopefully shut him up.
    Dont intend doing it infront of everyone, just the two of us, so that he knows I have his number.

    Many thanks in advance
  2. Check the name around the rim mate, and YES, do it infront of everybody. Show the twat up.

  3. UN medals are unnamed - and (generally) not faked due to their abundance and cheapness. If all he's got is a UN medal, might I suggest slapping your group on top of it in a poker game stylee when he's got them on his desk. If he's ex-SF, he'll surely have more than an UNPROFOR tour under his belt. I'm betting he's a big-timing walty cnut. Raise the game! And do it in front of a packed office. 8O
  4. He is a Walt, "sf background", probably worked in MT or Chef!!
    Not having a go at a Driver or Chef, but seen many sand-coloured beret wearers walting it on courses and the like!
    Easy question to ask, and actually not many people know, where the barracks are? Im talking Wales lot, not Poole lot!
    Answer is Credenhill, off the A480.
    But no sf person would gob off about being sf.

    Trouble is, he could be MT/Chef and served there so my question goes out the window. :(
  5. Thanks gents, I really dont know how much longer I will be able to keep quiet, I could place my group on the table and dit on about this and that, but that will reduce me to what he is. Think I will go for the one on one and see what happens, like to see him try and explain why he doesnt want to talk about his heroics anymore
  6. ask him what he thinks of the M16, he should be quick to point out there are no M16's in the british army, MI6 is a postcode in manchester. he then should point out that his prefered weapon of choice was/is the diemarco C8 carbine
  7. And now we all know the answer, anyway! Is this comprimising opsec a bit? :?
  8. As CH 5120 suggests that is a good one to ask but also ask him where Regt used to be based, name of barracks?answer Stirling lines but b4 that what was it called, answer Bradbury lines and Regt moved there from Malvern,Worcs.Hope this helps in outing him.
  9. Correct on both counts. Also the nearest pub is the Travellers Rest.

    As already mentioned, UN / NATO medals are not engraved but campaign medals with HM's Head on them are. If he has any ask him who he was serving with at the time.

    Although most of 'them' officially remain members of their parent units a medal issued whilst on an SF op WILL have 'their' regt engraved on it....If he was a slop or reme etc (and I mean no disrepect because most of them would not gob off about their posting there) he would be able to answer any questions about Credenhill, Stirling Lines etc but his medals would still bear the name of his parent unit and NOT 'theirs'...

    The biggest clue is what CH5120 has already said..if it was true he wouldn't feel the need to gob off about it...
  10. I agree they are my feelings exactly, but the civvies are loving it. Very tempted to bring my group in like previously mentioned but dont want people thinking I am as bad as him. Will all become clear Remembrance Sunday when we all get to do our bit.
  11. Nope, its common knowledge.
  12. Ask him the one about the swallows and coconuts...Oh no sorry thats the holy grail.

  13. If he really is one of 'them' then he will have very high levels of unarmed combat training and awareness to potential threats.
    Therefore the surefire test is to walk up to him and punch him really hard in the throat.

    One of 'them' would surely see it coming, duck, counterpunch you before tying you in knots and burying your body on the moor. This will either result in your untimely demise or out the Walt fekker for sure.

    Bon chance!
  14. Or if he is ex 'one of them', ask him if he has got a book out. that is another sure fire test.