"Outf*ckingstanding marine!!"



reni_77 said:
PrinceAlbert said:
Good drills and all that, but the story was on ARRSE months ago when it 1st happened ;)
Aaah ! Apologies, I had a scoot round the search but hedged my bets wrongly ! Deserves a resurgance though ! :)
Oh I agree! I think he'll be needing a psych evaluation though! :D
Top lad Noel,

Have to say I wasn't surprised to read this in the paper. He was always a through and through booty.

I went to school with him. He was in my brother's year. I was just finishing at the Apprentice College in Harrogate when he joined the marines. We always used to knock around together during leave and I did the best man bit at his (first) wedding in 89. Kind of lost touch when I got out, but I met him at a funeral last year and we had a good chat about old times.

Nice to see one of the good guys winning now and again.