"Outf*ckingstanding marine!!"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sillyboy, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. Royal pulls it off again ! A proper old school bootie as well, sharp as a Fairburn Sykes this chap and extremely well thought of in the Corps !


    Ive been reliably informed that the moomin on the bike trundled past them, then came back for a pop !! Be interesting to see what special prize SGT Connolly gets for this !! If I wasnt biffed Id go out and get mullered !!
  2. I had to laugh at the comment " Don't tell mum" What's she going to do, ground him, stop his pocket money ??
  3. Top drills that man!
  4. Top Manc.
  5. I served with Noel in Norway a few years ago, good on you! honours inbound I hope.
  6. BZ Royal.
  7. Top fella, I didnt see any mention of a commendation in that report, did he get a MID or anything for his actions?
  8. BZ Royal
  9. The brass converge post tour to discuss mate, will take a bit of time.
  10. Good drills and all that, but the story was on ARRSE months ago when it 1st happened ;)
  11. Aaah ! Apologies, I had a scoot round the search but hedged my bets wrongly ! Deserves a resurgance though ! :)
  12. Oh I agree! I think he'll be needing a psych evaluation though! :D

  13. "No man is Khan to his own mother."
    -Ghengis Khan. :D

    Good drills, that Marine! Respect. :salut:
  14. Brave, mad bastard. Well done.
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP