Outdoor Suggestions in the lakes!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by kingburn_99, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. Evening

    Me and a few friends have accumulated some money between us and it is just sitting there waiting to be spent. Now a few of the, lets say heavier, blokes want to go boozing and piss it up the wall. I however am more inclined to do something we dont do every weekend.

    So, I am looking for suggestions for something fun and pretty adventurous to do in the Lake district area or North West in general. I thought Gorge Scrambling looked pretty good but the 'heavier" lads aren't keen. Already ruled out, Go Ape and dry bumming each other.

    All other suggestions welcome!

    Edited to add there are 7 of us and have about £50-60 each
  2. £350 in total.......nice accommodating ladies I would suggest.
  3. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    You could climb Sca Fell, but it's a bit boring. Have a look at the walk up Great Gable and it's sister Green Gable.

    Apart from the tarn almost near the top that you should go skinny dipping in, if you get your timing right you should be able to get above the RAF's low flight route in the Lakes, which to give the crabs their due, is pretty impressive.

    Oh Yes....

    .. don't go speed-boating on Coniston Water!
  4. Honnister slate mine for via ferrata


    An ex army amphibious apc can't remember what does cruises around Windermere from Low Wood Hotel, a very nice location, and just a taxi ride from Windermere
  5. only one word" Wainright"
  6. P_J

    P_J Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    White Scar Caves and Ingleborough Caves are an awesome sight if you can cope with being that far below ground. As stated by Gremlin re: the RAF, watching them buzz up and down the valley between Ingleborough and Whernside is a cracking sight too.

    Failing that, how about a Grand Prix Karting day at Speed Karting in Warrington?
  7. If Warrington is allowed I will say, an indoor climbing sesh at Awesome Walls Stockport.

  8. Hey Chops while I admit it looks a brilliant climbing wall, Its the lakes, its summer surely there must be some real life outdoor climbing to be had in Cumbria?
  9. There is a relatively new Via Ferrata up at Honister slate mine


    By all accounts its quite entertaining. There's also an awful lot of underground stuff to see in the Lakes and North Pennines but wandering around dis-used mines requires a bit of forethought
  10. It will be a weekend expedition so I am guessing the crabs won't be working. Think I have been caving in ingelborough before for AT, I loved it but not sure all would.

    I think the most difficult thing is going to be persuading the rest of them out of the pub and onto a wet mountain!

    Will definitely have to look in to the karting at warrington!

    Keep 'em coming.....bump!
  11. If you ponder going in the other direction and heading for North Wales then there is some fairly impressive underground stuff to see. Slate mines are well worth consideration. Big open spaces rather than the tight confines of caves
  12. I am only 23, I would prefer tight spaces! I loved the pure panic of being wedged between thousands of tons of rock and a hard place, whilst negotiating the 'letterbox' which I think was under ingelborough somewhere!
  13. The South Wales Caving Club club house Penwyllt Brecon Beacons right up your street 14 miles of clastrofobia
  14. Go to Keswick. Take a brisk walk of about a mile and a half along the river to Portinscale. Pop into the Derwent water hotel in Portinscale and drink them dry. Next walk through the village en- route to Braithwaite and on the outskirts of Portinscale stop for a few bevvies at a pub the name of which I have forgotten, but its right by the side of the road. After drinking that place dry, continue walking to Braithwait - a couple of miles - and call in at the Royal Oak pub. You know what to do! The route is fairly flat all the way, the countryside is nice and both villages have a bit of frippet available for the moments when you aren't drinking or walking.