Outage tonight

Sorry for the hour or so of dead site. I just got back from the pub and came on to do the usual checks (email etc) and found the sites dead - the server was not running, but I can't work out why. Hopefully our shiny new one which is being installed as we speak will improve reliability, but 'puters are 'puters and they always go tits up form time to time, no matter how shiny.
Sorry sorry sorry.

Once again I came back to find the server not running. I'm going to dig deeper now as I was very late last night and have been at work today.
Bad CO knawing on the cables?
Apart from the outage earlier has anyone else been having intermittent problems getting on tonight? Am I being auto-shunted to the bottom of the queue for a connection for being horrible to the munters in the gallery ;)
Seems okay now but my arrse had been playing up all night I thought it was just the cider. I had to look at some adult entertainment sights instead. Now I am going blind or is that just the cider?

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