Out this Remembrance walt

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Detonator, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. Right men and women of Arrse, I always take a dim view of walts. Usually don't get angry however as I feel sorry for them. On today of all days though I'm fcuked off, however I am not an authority on the RN/RM/SBS and didnt want to deck some fcuker wrongly. Rest assured I will be back to finish the job though, as I gather he is a regular in this drinking hole.

    After remembrance into a boozer (I'm not a local, and yes I'm still under the influence)). Some late 50's chap in suit with Falklands tie and a little badge i didn't recognize, no medals or Vets badge or any of that. I'm in corps tie etc and he asks if I'm ex-RN. Oh well.

    Starts off telling me how he joined RN as an ERA, ok so far. Did the Commando Cse. Good for you. Was attached to 45 Cdo. Up at Condor? No no, Weymouth. Fucked if I know so nodded. Starts telling me about how went "Special boat" and alarm bells began to ring. Apparently there was a permanent force attached to The UAE (I think it was the UAE anyway) of about 40 SBS who only met up once a month... 8O When he forst went out the made him lve with the bedouin for 6 months :?

    Thought I'd get him onto the Falklands as he was wearing the tie, and had said he'd been to their memorial in Portsmouth at 0600. I asked whether he was on a ship and he said no he was with Commachio Gp and he lost many friends. I said, Commachio Group eh? And he went yeah the RM is broken down into groups. I said that I know them, they're now the Fleet Protection Gp and he just nodded. He had crutches and then told me how an american had shot his leg in the gulf. On Granby says I? Pause... On Desert Shield. Get to fuck thinks me.

    It's all just a little to vague for me to have decked the fucker in his local without knowing about Commachio in the falklands etc. So... were they?

    What turned it for me was when he told me he was 500 yards from Col. H Jones when he was hit, and he said the whole of the Battalions command were pissed and H was running away. At which point I told him that was bollocks and he should shut the fuck up, it is Remembrance Sunday after all. He insisted however that you couldnt be shot in the back going forward. That sealed it really, but I need proof he's a walt rather than just a bit of a mong. I proper gripped over the H business, but really feel the need to square him away now.

    The radio coming back didnt help, about how Remembrance rmembers the dead of the 2 world wars. Yeah cheers ********, and the rest. :evil:
  2. It takes two pi55ed up bullshitters to talk proper bullshite you know.
  3. They do say you cant bullshit a bullshitter.
  4. Commachio was formed in 1980. Was mainly involved in nuclear asset protection then.

    Sounds like he is ex RN with a few insecurities. Did he openly tell you this or did you press him for it? That I believe is the key. Did he introduce himself as EX sb etc etc?

    I aint that clued up on Bootneck stuff but can easily find out.

    I have to say..I have never come across any RN or Booty walts. Most walts I have met either claim to be ex para or sas.
  5. Thats what I thought. He just came up to me and started telling me it all!
  6. I'd say he is harmless. Immitation is the best form of flattery. If he was dining out on it or claiming free beers for it then i'd see red.

    H Jone's fate is quite well documented, many on here will know the story. I'd say he is a walt - but pretty harmless.

    If he starts destroying certain memories with alleged "facts" then theres the time to out him. If all he is doing is bigging himself up on remembrance sunday then I'd say dont waste the effort.

    Edit: Im commenting from an ex matelot point of view so dont really know how any sb booties would react to this.
  7. Spose he's harmless enough, never said he was first on the balcon or anything. Maybe I should have asked him about the boathouse or something! Just got a sad on today I think.
  8. The Royal Marines fought at Goose Green ! I'd say he's a Walt

    BTW I've only found this site and have spent the early afternoon reading about the Walts on the Arrsepedia . I think you guys owe me a new carpet because it's ruined by me pissing myself laughing
  9. Hehe, welcome aboard!

    Walt-outing is the sport of kings!
  10. Welcome Spanny. Sad eh?
  11. Detonator:

    I would say save your efforts mate. If he does start trying to claim kudos or one-upping himself against anybody then strike. Not worth the effort causing conflict over what may be just a case of a sad old insecure person. he may well have served this country. If he has then I would give a little leeway in his stories. Everyone in the forces add embellishment as you know. If he is proven to be a civvy who has never served however then I would say remove his bowels via his left ear hole.
  12. Leave him alone. He's doing fine just by himself.
  13. Hehe..Biscuits yakunt :D
  14. He's a walt of the highest order! Next time you see him ask him what his service number was and how to spell Comacchio!

    Ask him where his South Atlantic Medal is and if he is still walting then I can call someone up and find whether a South Atlantic Medal was issued to him... I doubt it though.
  15. ]

    Vets badge is a recent invention. The absence of medals say to me he is not a waly but maybe embellishing his past. Yes, That does equate to walting but, at least he is not on facebook wearing a maroon beret!

    I'd say low level walting = no threat to any memories or histories.

    I stand willing to be corrected by any booties or ex booties though.