Out on bail

Hello I am due to start basic on 29th may.
However I done a stupid thing on Saturday night and ended up fighting with a group of Albanians, this led to me and my brothers getting arrested. After a night in the cells I have been bailed till June 24th. The charges against me are ABH and a public order offence for violent disorder.
I have told the police that it is unlikely i will be able to make the bail date in June as I will be in training; they said this will be ok and I can probably change it later to the weekend I get off in week 6.
What shall i do, will the army still allow me to start basic with a unfinished police charge?
What point should i tell my army career advisor?

Please help as i am shi#ting my self and hope I have not fu#ked up my chances with the army
You need to tell the recruitment office ASAP! No fcuking about, no bullsh1t, be honest and tell them what happened. My feeling is that recruiter will suspend your start date until you've either been found innocent or the charges against you dropped.

If it is likely that you will be found guilty (no assumptions made) they will hold you at arms length, which could mean the end of your career before it's even started. Sorry to be blunt but this is the worst case scenario...
Lo M8. To be honest I am not entirely sure what the situation is going to be in your case. If you have been issued your Army number and taken your oath of allegiance then you are in the Army and it will not affect you staying in Army, the staff at your training depot will not be impressed, but you will have an officer assigned to your case who is known as your representing officer, who will represent you and fight your corner in court at your hearing. You may also be open to some AGAI 67 action not to sure how this will affect you in training.

If you have not signed your contract and gone through the process of the oath of allegiance, receiving your Army number etc then you will have to wait to see what the outcome of your hearing is.

I hope this helps, if anyone has more accurate info for this lad then please post and put his mind at ease.

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